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How do you sent a photo of the squishy - Ganitha hiii total girl im a really big fan and it would be amazing and make my day if i can be in the shoutout - zara I love total girl never stop making your mags - Jasmine I love your magazines you inspire me a lot🌸🌺 - Isla KPOP GROUP TOMORROW X TOGETHER ARE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM ON AUGUST 17! Shoutout to txt! So excited! - Isabelle I love TG so much and my dad just bought me the new Dove Cameron one and I screamed - Mia Hey guys i really like u i hope i win something one day by summer - summer shoutout to meh friends!!!!! Thanks for being so happy and understanding! SARANGHAE BORAHAE πŸ’œ - Isabelle thanks TG for making awsome mags for kids around the world. I love your totally embarrassing!!! - Eliza 😈 - Emily