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Sup - Emilia Hey I saw someone else called Ella!! Hi!! I also love the dream smp - Ella hi I love your magazines can you please make them with moji squishes - Charlotte Hi TG, Pls put more Tay Tay in your mag I💖 her and ur mags!!!-Bella - Bella Hi TG you guys are sooo cool!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) - Mariana I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!fi you like harry potter,send a shout out saying so - clarissa Make korn and rammstein mag. NOW. - Zoe I love total girl so much! I love the totally embarrassing pages! - Kareena I love your mags! Keep it up 😍😍 - Paris To total girl i am your #1 boy fan i ❤ ur magazine. Keep up with the good work. - Beanie


I love myself some Coloured Popcorn!!! I love it so much. I call it Bibble (It is off the TV show called Sam and Cat).It stars Sam off Icarly ans Cat off Victorious.
28/3/2016 10:15:39 AM
they all look yum and good to make
8/1/2016 5:25:28 AM
Sherbet looks great yum!!!!!!!!!
27/2/2015 8:42:43 PM
Looks yum going to try some!!!!!!
25/7/2014 10:21:42 AM
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