1. Plan a perfect guest list! Ask Mum or Dad how many people you are allowed to invite and include all your BFFs. Handmade invitations are a totally unique touch, you could even fill the envelopes with glitter so your besties get a sweet surprise!

  2. Make sure you have totally delish snacks and a super awesome punch! Try making pink lemonade by mixing cut strawberries, lemonade and cranberry juice! Yum! Go-to snacks include cupcakes, fairy bread, chocolate, pizza and party pies! Delish!

  3. Create an amaze playlist of all the latest tunes! A fun way to do this is to ask each of your guests their favourite song and make sure they are all on the playlist so everyone has a fab time! Or, grab Total Girl's Party Playlist - it's party pop perfection!

  4. Get your place looking fab with some amazing decorations! Ask Mum or Dad to help you craft some great DIY creations and don’t forget the streamers!

  5. No party is complete without totally fun party games! Try classics like Celebrity Heads, Musical Chairs or the Limbo!

  6. Don’t forget the party bags. Make a mix of your favourite lollies and include a lovely note for your BFFs for a personal touch.