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hi TGs!!! I have been reading Total Girl for around a year and a half now an I absolutely love remember to stay strong and stay healthy! Bye - Addison shout out to my favourite singer Ariana grande - Thea I looovve Total Girl! - Elly Shoutout to my besties Tanaya, Thalia, Charlotte, Narmin, Etienne, April and Fergus. And TG I love all the magazines! Especially if they have BTS or BLACKPINK. - Sadie Hi am new and I saw this sight and I was impressed i really like a shout out! - Sammy I was on a field trip for school and my crush got my hair brush and my water bottle and threw so it was almost at the front because we were at the back and then like 1 min later he started blushing bright red it was so funny and embarrassing because everyone saw my water bottle and hair brush go down the bus lol - Liv Hey can't wait until the next issue<3 -scarlet - scarlet Hey I never win pls win I love you total girl never stop I'm 7 - Ruby TG fan This is to my BFF Auddie for supporting her cat the whole way - Immy ?? Shout out to TG mags! You have been SUCH a life saver in BORING lockdown, keep those comps and Totally embarrassing coming! ✌️ - Carla