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How To Be A Dance Pro!

How To Be A Dance Pro!

TG chats to a choreographer and dancers from AIPA!
Have you tried the TG Pop Dance yet? It's super fun and easy, thanks to Australian Institute of Performing Arts choreographer Daisy Frustaci and ah-maze dancers, Madison and Mallory!
Check out the TG Pop Dance Video, and read our interviews with the stars:

Daisy Frustaci, Australian Institute for Performing Arts choreographer
Daisy, how do you make up a dance?
First I listen to the music, then I’ll come up with some steps. If it’s too simple, I’ll make it harder with faster steps. The music comes first so I can have a feel for the style.
How long does it take to learn to be a good choreographer?
It all depends on how passionate you are about dancing. If you have the passion, it will be easy to come up with steps and teach them.
Have you choreographed for any celebrities?
I’ve choreographed for Alyson Stoner who is in the Step Up movies and Camp Rock.
What's the coolest move you can do?
I can do a lot of hip hop tricks like backwards rolls into a freeze. I can do a lot of partner tricks too, like flips with a partner.

Madison, AIPA student

What made you take up dancing?
I just like the feel of moving to a beat. It’s a fun skill to have.
What's your ultimate dance dream?
Performing with celebrities and stuff. I love Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake.
What's the coolest move you can do?
A pirouette into splits.

Mallory, AIPA student

Why did you take up dancing?
I took classes when I was little and loved it from then on.
What's your dance dream?
To be in a Step Up movie.
What's the coolest move you can do?
A pirouette kick.

Want to try the TG Pop Dance? Watch the video now, and try it yourself!


Wow there good! I wish I could do that still!!!
25/10/2015 10:20:01 PM
the moves are pretty easy and I've been dancing since I was two so were talking 8 years and I say those moves are repetitive and very easy
2/7/2015 2:03:14 AM
Whats that girl doing at the back? Also, they just got simple moves. But sometimes when you do simple moves to good music it looks OK but that just looked bad!
16/6/2015 10:27:47 AM
10/1/2015 11:54:31 PM
Them kids are very clever xxx
5/5/2014 3:31:21 PM
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