• Invie-lge
    PAR-TAY Download this cool TG invitation!
  • Storm-Boy-lge
    STORM BOY OFFICIAL TRAILER A tale of feathered friends!
  • TG0119_SWITCHER_POTY_640x330
    Check out a sneak peek of Total Girl! Kenzie stars in the Party issue! 
  • TG-Jan-lge
    Unboxing The Party Issue

    Claire, Rosie and Aaron unbox the January issue!

  • switcher spidey
    Claire saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! And met Miles Morales!
  • Poppy-Coronation-lge
    WATCH POPPY'S CORONATION PARTY! TG went and caught all the fun and excitement!
  • A still from The Grinch
    Look out, it's The Grinch! He's more no, no, no than ho, ho, ho!
  • A still from Into the Spider-Verse
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! Swing high like a hero; watch this!
    Which furry friend is Pet of the Year 2018? Find out here! Spoiler: it's so squee!
  • TG-Hasbro-lge
    HASBRO HOUSE PARTY Team TG takes on Team K-Zone!
  • TG1018_SWITCHER_TOTY_640x330
    Toy of the Year 2018 is here!
  • JoJo-Sneak-Peek-lge
    JOJO SIWA HANGING WITH TEAM TG Check out our exclusive interview!
  • TG-TAS-lge
    Pop Jam's Totally Awesome Squad Introducing Sammy G, Lily-Grace and Maddie!
  • Kelsea Ballerini
    Watch Kelsea Ballerini's shoutout to you! She recorded a spesh message just for TGs!
  • Be-a-lge
    BE A VIDEO STAR We give you all the tips and tricks to DIY vlogging!
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