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N ver stop making these I have 12of the mags Sophia - sophia I love TG magazines! So cool -Madi - Madi I would like to shout out to all my friends & family!!!😋 - Jemi I LOVE BILLIE EYELASH!!! MY DOG IS 69 YEARS OLD IN DOG YEARS - Slay OMG I LOVE THE NOVEMBER ISSUE. - Alicia TG love the mag and all the ideas of what I can do. Awesome .. - Athena shout out to my favourite singer Ariana grande - Thea Hey can't wait until the next issue<3 -scarlet - scarlet I was on a field trip for school and my crush got my hair brush and my water bottle and threw so it was almost at the front because we were at the back and then like 1 min later he started blushing bright red it was so funny and embarrassing because everyone saw my water bottle and hair brush go down the bus lol - Liv I looovve Total Girl! - Elly

#FailFix Toy Unboxing

Sure, we’ve all had bad hair days, but these #FailFix dolls are next level. Your mission? To transform each doll with a complete head-to-toe makeover. Sounds easy, but wait until you see what the original dolls look like – it’s hilarious! Pamper them with the included face mask, brush their hair and style their clothes. The results are EPIC!

The October issue is on sale now!


I can’t see the video on my screen????
8/10/2021 4:27:02 PM
Did you see the face fall onto the table?
11/9/2021 12:24:46 PM
Those are pretty cool but i don't like plastic
10/8/2021 8:35:14 AM
i want one soooooooo much:)
17/4/2021 6:34:54 PM
Hello I am new
16/4/2021 12:39:41 PM
Omtg I’ve always wanted one ! ! !
26/3/2021 8:45:38 PM
16/2/2021 6:17:23 AM
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