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I LOVE LOVE CHALI D AMELIO - Hannah Your mags help me with my confidence, Ty! - Ava i'd like to send a shoutout to my big sister! - lucy I love you guys so much your magazines light up my day please don't stop making them🥰♥️-Piper - Piper Hey, TG! It’s been a busy Moring for Easter. I LOVEEEE THE NEW ARIANA GRANDE MAG!!!!!! I got the peach coloured crayon! I made a cute box this morning! I also love, ME ( Moriah Elezibeth ) Sssniperwolf and inquistermaster! I’m excited for next months Magazine! - Astrid It is my birthday soon and I can't wait to celebrate it with my awesome friends. - Sabrina OMTG I love this Mag! - Isla I love doing these quizzes there so fun to do! - Madison Hiya! Shout out my friend Willow! - Audrey man toatl girl is the best i love it so much - Lexie