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Hey, this goes out to my friend Izabella from my class 5Z. - Cayley Shout out To Team TGs you are amazing! - Evie Hi total girl! Im Hunter and I live in sydney! I have a sister and I really miss my cousins because they live in melbour and I can’t see then during covid! All I ask is to include me in girl talk and add in a HUGE decendants poster into the next magazine! I also ask to give a shoutout to my cousins Neve and Lila who love your mags if not the same then more than me! Thanks so much for making these awsome mags! LOVE FROM A VERY BIG FAN HUNTER! - Hunter love u tg - Isabel My favourite part of Total girl is totally embarrassing! - Evie I just started collecting these today and they are absolutely amazing 😊 - Annabelle For Live who always supports me and keeps my secrets. We have so much fun together 😁❀️- Ally - Ally Shout out to my dog Dharmi ❀️🐢🐾 - Maddy I cut out some TG posters and mags and made a huge wall above my bed full of Total Girl - Eleanor Hey total girl I would love the next mag to have one or two zombies 1 or 2 characters on it I would love it - Mia