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Hi I love you charli - Lucy Hi total girl.I am from Bangladesh.i love your comps - Zakia Hi I’m Camille and I love your mags I’ve got so many a few of my favourites are Sofia Carson Addison Rae and Ariana grande also I was a mention in the Sofia Carson issue 223 and thank you for the prize - Camille I'm a big fan! Never stop making magazines ❤️ - Aleen Hi hope everyone on the TG team is safe and well - Addison Good day fox - Lance Thank you TG for the amazing and entertaining books! - Annalea Hi I love your art work - Shanoa Hey rybka twin love you guys - Aleika hi im a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Emma
Looking for a code word?

Looking for a code word?

TG's Claire introduces the new video!


Hey TGs, if you're looking for the code word to enter a comp in the May issue of TG, you're in the right place. The CODE WORD is: COLOURFUL.
Newsstand sales of this issue of Total Girl come with TWO FREE Trolls World Tour gifts - a Poppy Pom Pom Keyring (available in two gorgeous colours) plus pretty Rainbow Jewel Stickers.

Dream BIG with our Heart & Soul issue. We chat to Descendants' star Dove Cameron about her new music (she has a special message for TGs), get inspired by amazing Aussies like Sabre Norris, and go upside down in a magical fashion shoot!
Don't miss out.
xo Claire


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