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Calling all heroes! Watch DC Super Hero Girls right here!

Calling all heroes! Watch DC Super Hero Girls right here!

TG's Claire presents a special peek into the world of DC Super Hero Girls!

Hey TGs!
As you may know, the latest issue of Total Girl is on newsstands riiiiigghhhttt now!!! Yassssss! It has Selena Gomez on the cover AND if you're buying off newsstands, you'll get your very own DC Super Hero Girls Mirror Keyring PLUS a mini sticker sheet. If you're not yet a fan of this SUPER show, take a peek at this trailer and add a dose of girl POWer to your day (hehe).
Tell me who your fave DC Super Hero Girl is in the comments below!
xo Claire


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So cool! What Girl is your fave? 🤩
3/10/2021 2:45:34 PM
dc super girls is sooo cool
2/9/2021 2:30:10 PM
I love dc super hero girls but Wonder Woman is my fav
10/6/2021 7:23:25 PM
I love DC super hero girls my favourite hero is Jess because she wants to save the world and l think that’s so cooolll!
22/3/2021 8:27:58 PM
I love D.C super girls!: so there’s no boys and my fav one of all time is Jess cause my fav colour is green but I do like pop music like Karen and I’ve watched all 52 eps and there so cool 😎 for Instance:they work so well together!
14/3/2021 6:09:21 AM
I HAVE WACTED ALL 52 EPS OF THIS SHOW SO COOL .I love how great of a team they are i love jess so much but I really love cara super girl indeed plus i also love rock bands we are pratcly the same.
27/1/2021 4:08:34 PM
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