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Claire and Aaron unbox the delicious January issue of Total Girl.

Claire and Aaron unbox the delicious January issue of Total Girl.

It’s Selena’s world, and TG is living in it! We chat with the pop sensation about her new album Rare and how she has evolved as an artist since her last album Revival!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star Daisy Ridley talks about her heroic and inspirational character Rey, how hard keeping Star Wars secrets has been, and the best career advice she has received!

It wouldn’t be The Foodie Issue without stacks of snacks and rad recipes. There are tips on throwing your own foodie party, how to bake like Aussie desert star Kat Sabbath, and recipes galore!

The January issue is on sale now and comes with free DC Super Hero Girls Mirror Keyring and Stickers.

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