• The Best Thing About Spring!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey guys, 

    Who's excited about spring? I sure am! The best part about spring is that I can take Cotton out on longer walks in the afternoon because the sun sets later.

    I've been working really hard on weekends too, I volunteer at the animal shelter. It's so much fun, I really love helping animals in need, although I was a bit sad because my favourite bunny was adopted last weekend. I shouldn't be sad though because he is going to a loving new home. Have you guys ever volunteered at an animal shelter? It's very rewarding, I've met lots of people who love animals just as much as I do. 

    I LOVE animals - big and small! Illustration: Anna Radcliffe

    Anyways, a little update on Angie, she said hello to me after school the other day. I know she is trying to make things right but I'm still sad that she chose another friend over me. What would you guys do? Would you befriend her again or let the friendship fade? I just don't know what to do.

  • How I Became a Blogger

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey TGs!

    Two awesome readers, Lauren and Georgia have both asked me the same thing: how did I get started in blogging?

    I guess it's a long story, but basically I have always loooved writing and have kept a diary for nearly my whole life (well, since I could write and draw).

    I've always been a huge Total Girl fan, and one day I noticed a call out for writers to send in their thoughts to the mag. I was sooo excited!

    I spent ages writing a piece about my family and Cotton. Mum checked it and said it was good, so I emailed it to OMTG I have never been so nervous!

    A few weeks later I had an email waiting for me when I got home from school - TG's amazing Editor Amanda liked what I had written and wanted me to write a regular blog for Total Girl! Squee!

    I ran around the house SCREAMING my head off (poor Cotton was so confused). I was so excited!

    I've been blogging for TG for ages now, and I still love it just as much as I did at the beginning.

    I guess my advice for anyone wanting to be a writer would be: write all the time, you've gotta be in it to win it, and always have someone check your work!

    I hope that answers your questions!

    Jessie XD

  • Last Term of 2013!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    UPDATE: Hey Bella! Email a photo and a comment to If you're picked for the magazine, your photo will get cartoonised!

    Hey Total Girls!

    Hope everyone is as happy to be back at school as I am!

    As much as it sounds crazy, I really missed my friends! Don't get me wrong, I love having time off school and it was pretty fun having the extra time to spend with Mum and also with Cotton, but I was starting to get bored around the house.  

    It turns out that while we're at school Mum has LOADS to do! She cleans up what she calls our 'breakfast mess' and then takes Cotton for his morning walk. She then does a big clean up of the house and if she gets a chance she does some gardening. By the time that Dad gets home she's well into cooking dinner for us all! I tried helping her but it was very tiring work! I've decided to help out around the house more so that Mum can find a little more time to herself. 

    Holly and I were also really lucky and got to go and visit our cousins - it was really fun! We got to do loads of fun DIY stuff because they're really creative. We made a bird feeder and some jewellery.

    Can you believe the school holidays are over, how is everyone's first week back at school going?

    Talk to you soon!
    Jessie xx

  • I'm Sick!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi guys,

    Guess what? I'm sick! I was sneezing a lot and I thought it was hayfever but it didn't go away, it got worse and I ended up getting a really terrible cold! I've been home sick for a few days now and I hate it. My nose is blocked and then suddenly it gets really runny and I'm super tired all the time.

    Jessie and her family!

    Mum set up a TV in my room so I don't get bored and I've been in bed for what feels like forever. The good thing is that she's made me her yummy chicken noodle soup, it's my fave when I'm sick.

    Anyways Mum says I have to get off the computer so I'll blog to you guys later! I can't wait to get better! 


  • Crazy For Camping!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi guys!

    I'm feeling sooo much better! Thank you so much for all your super nice messages, they really cheered me up.

    After a day in bed and loads of care from Mum (ILY Mum!) I was okay to go back to school.

    I don't know if you've got the new Total Girl mag (it's got one of my fave celeb's on the cover, Bella Thorne) but in my blog I wrote all about the camping trip that I went on with my fam.

    My family camping trip!

    It actually turned out to be heaps of fun, even though I was kinda unsure at first. One of the bits I really missed was not having an iPad or computer, whoops! I guess camping is about getting back to nature.

    I read my book loads (I'm doing Alex's TG book club, it's awesome), went for bushwalks with my fam and just chilled out.

    What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun?

    Jessie xx

  • My One Direction Secret

    by Jessie - Super 1D Fan | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi TGs

    OMTG I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet, 'cos this was like the biggest night of the whole year for me!

    I don't know whether you got the October issue of Total Girl (it was the one with 1D on the cover) but I blogged about the gift TG Editor Amanda gave me when I got to be a part of the Popstar Party app: tickets to a secret One Direction concert!

    This was while they were in Australia for their concert tour this year; and I had been feeling super sad that I missed out on tickets when they went on sale ages ago.

    There were four tickets, so Mum, Dad and my sis came with me to the secret location. There were only about 50 people in the audience and the One Direction guys were just sitting on stools singing their songs just with a couple of people playing instruments in the background. It was so small, I felt like at one point Harry looked DIRECTLY at me!

    I got a photo of the guys for my blog:

    One Direction: my super secret concert!

    OMTG I will honestly never ever forget this night. It was sooo amazing.

    I can't believe my little blog has given me so many opportunities!

    Jessie xx
  • My Game Zone

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hello TGs!

    OMTG! You won’t believe what’s happened! Mum said I could buy the latest Secret Life of the Famous console! It’s this really cool game where you get to be a part of a celebrity’s life, and make sure everything’s running smoothly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game because I really want to help the 1D guys. You have the opportunity to style their clothes, have singing rehearsals with them and run their concerts! It’s soooo cool, and I know all my friends will want to come over to my home to have a go!

    If you’ve read the November issue of Total Girl with the gamer Bella Thorne on it (she’s soo cool!), you’ll know how fun being a gamer can be. There are so many tips I picked up on in the magazine, especially the girl gaming awards that gave away the best of them all!

    I just got my copy of December too - Taylor Swift is pretty much my FAVE singer of all time. I just wish I had concert tickets.

    I still enjoy playing hide and seek with Cotton. He’s so cute when he’s running, I absolutely adore him!

    What’s your favourite game?

    Jessie xx

  • Seashell BFFLs

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey everyone!

    I had so much fun today! My friends and I planned a day out to the beach because we were sooo eager to try out our new swimming costumes! Mine’s this really cute polka dot costume – I love patterns on all my clothes!

    When we got to the beach, it was absolutely crazy! There were so many people trying to catch waves or just bathe in the sun. My favourite part about the beach is the golden sand! Ever since I was little, Mum would always take me to the beach and I’d build sandcastles.

    Molly and Cassie swim much faster than me, but I always beat them in water volleyball. They’re so bad at it!

    After swimming, we went to the tiny rock pools to collect seashells. Guess what we found!? Baby crabs and sea snails! I dared Cassie to hold a crab, but she was too scared! 

    It was such a great day; because once we all got home we made shell necklaces and decided to always wear it when we’re together! 

    Do you have any best friend jewellery?

    Jessie xx
  • Surprise Pressies!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

    Hi there!

    I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Time’s flown by so fast! I’m really worried I won’t be able to give all my friends their Christmas gifts, so I’m starting early. But make sure you don’t tell them yet; it’s going to be a surprise!

    Mum said I could make them Christmas cards and bracelets this year, but I want to give them something more special! After all, they are my besties!

    I know Jane loves pastries and cookies, so I’m thinking of wrapping smiley-faced cookies in a tin with red and green bows. As for Molly, she’s a huge fan of jewellery, so I’m going to use
    TG’s DIY jewellery board to help me make her an awesome gift!

    Do you have any more Christmas gift ideas for me? Should I get something for Angie as well?

    Jessie xx

  • Merry Christmas!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already and I'm only posting my Christmas message now! I've been sooo busy with our huge Christmas play, it turned out to be a massive success (I still can't quite believe it).

    My crazy Christmas play!
    How funny is my crazy Christmas play costume?

    Thank you sooo much to everyone for your super kind Christmas comments. Totally same to you guys! I hope everyone has a really wonderful Christmas day, and you get the pressies you wanted.

    Although, it's not really about pressies I think. Recently my grandad was pretty sick and we were all really worried about him. He's okay now, but it's made me feel really grateful that we can all be together at Christmas lunch.

    Anyway, from Mum, Dad, my sis, Cotton and me, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TOTAL GIRLS!

    I can't wait to keep blogging next year. Keep commenting, I still read every single one.

    Love and mince pies
    Jessie xx
  • Happy New Year TGs!

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    OMTG I am only just posting this in time for New Years' Eve!

    I have been sooo busy since Christmas - Mum and I have been baking lots, and Dad took my sister and me to the beach two mornings in a row. On Saturday I even saw Jane doing Nippers at the beach which was so cool! She is super fit, I tried running on the sand with her but I couldn't keep up!

    If you've got the latest issue of TG (January issue, it has Bridgit Mendler on the cover) you can read all about the day I went to Craze World with Jane and Molly too.

    But anyway... HAPPY NEW YEARS! I was feeling kinda sad since Christmas was over, but now I'm just excited about tonight.

    What are you guys doing? I'm going into the city to see the fireworks with my family and some of our family friends. My sister and I are going to make our New Years' resolutions at midnight tonight, so today I'm thinking through what I want to pledge (I even printed the New Years's Resolution Planner).

    I hope you all have an awesome new years!

    Love and fireworks
    Jessie xx
  • My 2014 Resolutions

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    Ta da! It's my first blog of 2014! 

    How was your New Years Eve?

    Mine was ah-mazing and super crazy! We caught the train to the city to watch the fireworks with a few other families (friends of my parents). We found a park and had a picnic (BBQ chicken rolls, yum!) and there was an ice-cream van so we had soft-serve for dessert. I was sooo full!

    All the kids were playing tip and stuff which was so much fun. I was getting pretty tired (we never stay up this late!) but then the fireworks started, so we all rushed back to the picnic blankets to watch them with our families. They are so beautiful! I couldn't stop staring at them!

    Then my sister dragged me away to do my New Years' resolutions, something we had promised each other we'd do at midnight.

    Hers were:

    1. Walk Cotton more
    2. Do her homework as soon as she gets home from school
    3. Learn to dance on her toes at ballet (there's a fancy name for it, but I can't remember what she said)

    Mine were:

    1. Spend more time baking with Mum (there's sooo much I want to learn)
    2. Try not to jump to conclusions (remember the whole Angie drama?)
    3. Walk Cotton more

    Poor Cotton! She's going to be super tired this year from all the walking!

    What are your New Years' resolutions TGs?

    Love and new beginnings
    Jessie xx

  • Summer Sunburn

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    Thanks so much for sharing your New Years' resolutions, I've been reading them all!

    Alexandra, good luck with netball! Hopefully you have enough time to train before winter sport starts!

    Georgia and Tori-lee, I might see you outside when I take Cotton for her walks (or you might see my sis)!

    Jorja here's how I got started in blogging!

    To everyone who wants better grades: GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of you!

    To Shrija, Abby, Nicole, Eleanor, TotalGirl93, Abbey, Naomi, Sophies, Maddi, Leah, Jessie, Siena, Charlotte and Chloe - THANK YOU! All the best with your amazing resolutions.

    I'm finally blogging today because I'm sunburnt and can't go outside! We've been going to the beach nearly every day, but yesterday I was really slack and ignored Mum when she told me to put more sunscreen on.

    When we got home yesterday afternoon I was feeling really hot and flustered, and then last night my shoulders were pretty pink. It was really uncomfortable. Mum put Aloe Vera gel on my skin but it didn't really help.

    It's much better today, but after like nooo sleep last night I have totally learnt my lesson! My Dad and my sister have gone again today, but Mum is staying home with me.

    Love you Mum!

    TGs - don't make my mistake! Sunscreen is sooo important.

    Love and pink, sore shoulders
    Jessie xx

  • Back To School

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    OMTG guys! Today is the last day of school holidays for me! I am sooo sad! I love being able to spend time at home with my mum and Cotton. I also love not getting homework hehe!

    I'm pretty excited to see all my friends though! It feels like it's been ages since I've seen Angie and Catherine! I'm also really excited to hear about everyone's summer holidays. A girl in my class said she was going sailing with her whole family! How cool is that?!

    In the rush to get my back to school stuff sorted, I was thinking what a wonderful summer it's been. I think my favourite thing was going swimming at the local pools with Holly and our friends. I also loved going to visit my cousins and meeting their new puppy Ralph. He's sooo cute!

    Oh and I LOVED Christmas! But who wouldn't right?

    Oh no! Mum's calling me, we've got to go buy a new lunch box for tomorrow! Oops! Totally forgot about that!

  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Helloooo guys!

    Did you make it through the first week back at school? 

    My sis and I started back last week. I was really excited (I hadn't seen Cass and Angie for at least a week, LOL) and my sis was really nervous (she was sooo not ready for holidays to be over).

    Now I think it should have been the other way around! We walked to school with Mum and Cotton, and when we got to the gates like three of my sis' friends came running out to say hi.

    We must have been early or something because I couldn't see any of my friends! Lucky my sis' friends are really cool, so I just stuck with them until the bell.

    We all went to the hall to find out which classes we were in. I had completely forgotten that we were getting new teachers! All I could think was, "PLEASE please please please NOT Mr James." He's the scariest, meanest teacher in the whole school. I've seen him yell at people in the playground and they always end up crying.

    Sure enough, as they divided people off into their classes I heard them announce my name... in Mr James' class. My heart totally sunk!

    When I walked over to the meeting spot for his class, I noticed Cass there too. I was so relieved! At least I'm not on my own! Apparently she had been running really late and had literally just arrived at school in time to hear her name called.

    We both made scared faces at each other but were too nervous to say a word.

    OMTG I have to go but watch this space - this is a super long story so I'll keep writing it tomorrow!

    I hope you all have really nice teachers!

    Jessie xx

  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 2

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi girls

    Part 2 of my terrifying teacher tale! (LOL, it took me ages to come up with that sentence.)

    Thanks for the comments! Keely I'm sooo glad you ended up liking your teacher! Mohini and Sienna your teachers sound like a good mix of strict but funny. Georgia, that's so hard, I'm sooo sorry! Hang in there and I'm sure it will get better. Jess and Felicia, you're so lucky!

    ANYWAY... Where was I... Oh yeah!

    So Cass and I were glued to each other's side in the hall, with the other super-scared students in Mr James class. I knew most of the people (there was a nice girl called Emma that I kinda know from a project last year) but Cass was my only bestie in the group.

    When everyone was finally in their classes, Mr James turned around and said,

    "Follow me."

    That's it. No, "hi kids, I'm your teacher!" or, "I'm so glad to have this class!" 

    We all followed him in complete silence to our classroom, which is at the end of a huge hallway (kinda a bit away from the other classes in our grade).

    Usually we're allowed to pick where we want to sit (I was never going to leave Cass' side again!) but Mr James made us sit alphabetically. The seats are in pairs so I'm next to a boy called Sean, who I've never spoken to before.

    He's one of the super cool kids, and to be honest, I'm kinda scared of him (I knooow that sounds weird but it's true). I've seen him tease people at lunch and stuff, so I've always sort of avoided him. 

    All I could think was that I was stuck with Sean and Mr James ALL YEAR!

    Cass is like three rows behind me. The one time I turned around to shoot her a 'look' (you know, one of those bestie looks where they know exactly what you mean without saying a word), Mr James stopped what he was doing and when I turned back around, he was just looking at me with his arms crossed (I nearly died).

    After that, I just stayed perfectly still unless I was writing something down!

    Just before lunch, we were doing some spelling. Everyone had to mark each other's work, and four kids got a couple of words wrong (including Sean). Mr James made them STAY BACK AT LUNCH and write the word they got wrong on the board 50 times each!

    I shot Sean a look of sympathy when I got back after lunch but he didn't really look at me.

    When I got home that afternoon I burst into tears! Mum gave me a big hug and said it would be okay, and Cotton licked my hand.

    I just don't know how I'm going to cope with a whole year of this!

    Jessie xx
  • My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 3

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Heeeey super wonderful TGs

    Thank you sooo much for your comments! I spent the weekend totally DREADING going to school on Monday, and every time I felt super down, Mum made me read your nice comments again.

    Sienna thanks so much for that list! I am seriously thinking about making him a card.

    Today has been okay I guess. He didn't keep anyone back at lunch and we were all on our best behaviour.

    The worst thing about the day was maths. I don't know if you guys remember but maths is totally not my best subject! I concentrate sooo hard, but I pretty much always end up asking Mum or Dad for help after school.

    Today during Maths I didn't really get what we were talking about (long division is seriously the WORST. I can't even think about it right now) but I was too nervous to ask in case he shouted at me (Mum is reading this over my shoulder and saying that I should never be scared to ask something, LOL, thanks Mum). 

    Then something weird happened. Sean, who hadn't really said a word to me all day (except to borrow my glue stick) saw what I was struggling with and asked Mr James about it, pretending HE was having the problem.

    I knew he wasn't struggling with the same thing, because all his equations were completely finished and answered (with all the working).

    Mr James explained that bit again (he was a bit short, but nothing too mean) and I listened to it all and it made sense that time.

    It was such a nice thing to do! I was too scared to say thanks in case Mr James thought I was talking in class, but I gave him a big smile and mouthed thank you when I got the chance.

    I told Cass about it after school, and she reckons maybe Sean isn't as mean as we thought.

    How are you all going back at school? Have you guys made any new friends yet?

    Love and long division
    Jessie xx

  • My Not So Terrifying Teacher?

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hi girls!

    OMTG it's already week three of term one! How are you all going?

    So the third week of term one means the third week with Mr James and guess what? He has barely shouted all week!

    Over the last fortnight he's sent ELEVEN people to the principal's office. That has to be a world record! Sean has been sent TWICE.

    We sure all know his rules now though!

    1. Absolutely NO talking in class (unless it's group work).
    2. Do your homework or have a note from your parents explaining why.
    3. Bring your sports uniform or you need another note from your parents.
    4. Don't ask questions without putting your hand up first.

    Yesterday the whole grade had to do group work in class about global warming, then meet in the playground and present our ideas. The first class ready to present got an extra ten minutes at lunch.

    Guess what? Our class won! 

    We raced inside to do the group work and no-one spoke until Mr James had assigned our groups. It took no time at all for us to get started, and I think that's why we won!

    Mr James was so pleased with us all, that he put a Freddo Frog on everyone's desk when we got back from our (extra long) lunch.

    Ummm what..? Where's my totally terrifying teacher?

    Love and absolutely no talking (LOL)
    Jessie xx
  • The New Girl

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey girls!

    I am sooo sorry I haven't posted in so long. Hannah you're totally right to call me out on it! I guess I just forgot how super busy things get during the school term. Between gym, volunteering at the animal shelter and homework, I've been scraping to find some free time.

    ANYWAY. I totes shouldn't make excuses, I feel so lucky that I get to write this blog. As I'm typing away, Mum is in the kitchen making cupcakes for my sister's birthday party tomorrow. Even though it's not her actual birthday, she's having two of her besties over for a sleepover, and they're going to do manicures and watch her fave DVD. She says I can join them (I have the BEST sister) but I don't want to be that annoying little sister. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

    The latest on the school sitch is that Mr James actually isn't that bad. I still NEVER talk in class (no one does) but he smiles, and tells jokes and stuff now. One he told yesterday made us all LOL:

    Q: What do you give a sore pig?
    A: Oinkment!

    Actually, yesterday was a pretty big day at school. A new girl started and was put into our class (she only moved to Sydney a week ago). Her name is Dora and when the Principal brought her into the class she gave us all this HUGE smile and introduced herself. Alphabetically she now sits one desk over to my left, and the girl that would usually sit next to her was sick yesterday.

    After a few minutes, she leaned over to ask me if she could borrow my ruler and without saying anything (obvs!) I passed it across to her. It wasn't soon enough though, because Mr James turned around and said, 

    "Dora, because you're new, I'm going to tell you this now, but this is the last time I'll explain. In this class, there is NO talking. The only time I want to hear talking? If you've put your hand up to ask a question. Understand?"

    Dora went bright red and because I was right next to her I could see her eyes fill up with tears. She didn't say anything, but just nodded.

    Luckily at that moment, the bell rang for recess.

    I caught up with her in the locker room and said, "Don't worry about Mr James, he's super strict but actually kinda nice underneath." Cass was there too and she patted Dora's arm.

    You know when you're just about to cry but you're keeping it together, until someone is nice to you then it all comes out? That's what happened to Dora. She burst into tears, right there in the locker room!

    Cass had the brilliant idea to take her to the big Oak tree (it's at the back of the playground) so we did, and then just told silly jokes and stuff until she started laughing. We clued her in on all of Mr James' rules so that she would know for next time.

    When the bell rang she gave both of us a hug and said thanks. She seems really nice. I'm so happy that there's another friendly face in the class now!

    I love making new friends!
    Jess xx

  • My Weekend As a STAR

    by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
    Hey girls!

    Guess how I spent the weekend? I don't think you'll be able to guess so I'll tell you: I entered the Barbie Popstar Party Competition!

    Ages ago I blogged about being the face of TG's new app (Popstar Party) and so when this comp came around I felt like I had to enter! Plus I REALLY want the iPad Mini prize, LOL.

    I spent ages practising, and then I did a rehearsal in front of Mum and Dad (and Cotton, except she wandered off half way through haha). Here's the song you have to sing:



    Mum and Dad thought it was pretty good (they gave me a few pointers, and Mum helped me pick a performance outfit) so I worked up my courage and recorded my audition!

    It's super easy (you can do it all from in the Popstar Party app), and then once you're done, you just Sing-a-gram it to

    It took another few goes before I realised it was easiest to ask Mum to hold the iPad and film while I sang.

    I finally sent it at 8:30pm last night.

    Wish me luck!!! 

    Have you entered the comp? You totally should!

    Love and singing super-loud

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