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Your mag rocks. - Amber HEY TG IM AMELIA AND LOOOOVEE YOUR MAGZ AND HOPE YOU CAN DO YOUR MAGS FOR A LONG TIME TO COME :) - Amelia Da cat :) I hate you total girl boooo - Rose Thank you so much TG! I just received the Cruella gift patch and I couldn’t be happier! I love your magazines and I just crossed something off my bucket list. You make dreams come true! - Grace love total girl! never stop making them********* - Clara Hi TG, I’m Amelia I love your mags and hope to win Something or be In your totally amazing mag UwU also shoutout to Amanda, Maddie, Khloe, Madilyn, Imogen and all my other friends DA CAT OUT - Amelia I love you TG!! Keep making inspiring magazines for girls all around the Pacific. I love you BTS & BLACKPINK!!!!!!! - Lan Hi - Tahnee Shout out to my bestie Indigo! 💜🦋 - Mieka Dear total girl, I've been reading your magazines for a long time and they are always so inspiring and fun to read. I love the crafty ones because love to draw and do fun craft I hope you guys always continue to make the magazine's. From a total girl fan,Loshini - Loshini
Easter Fun!

Easter Fun!

This month hear all about Jessie's Easter adventures! It's coming up so soon, what activities are you going to do in the April Easter holidays?

Hi TGs!

I’m soooo excited for Easter! I loooove chocolate, OMG how good is it?! And it’s like the one day of the year that Mum and Dad let me eat as much chocolate as I want. I eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I end up feeling really sick but it’s totally worth it.

Every Easter morning, I wake up reeeally early coz I want to catch the Easter Bunny hiding my eggs. I’ve never seen him though! I thought I did once when I was with Holly, but she said it was just the wind blowing the jasmine bush and not a white tail bouncing away.

The Easter egg hunt is my favourite. The Easter Bunny always finds funny new places to hide eggs! Last year we found one in the washing line peg basket, and one in this hanging pot plant. I don’t even know how he got up that high!

Jessie making Easter hats

I also love the Easter Hat Parade my school does. Everyone has to make a cool hat that uses Easter eggs, and our parents come and we walk in a big circle in the playground to show off our cool designs. I’ve already started making mine with Mum, it’s going to have eggs dangling off ribbons all around the brim! It already looks so cool.

What do you love most about Easter? Do you do cool things for school too? Do you have a funny Easter egg hunt story? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Jessie


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