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To all the Girls in the World: UR SO AWESOME! :) :) :) - Kaitlyn I saw someone else called Jade!!Hi!!! - Jade Hi - Porsha bee you do you for you because everyone else is taken - asimina Hi Arianators Ariana is married with dalton gomez so be happy and excited - thea I love it!!!!1 - Dark shout out to my BEST FRIEND PEPA! she's amazing and is always there for me! - Clementine Hi everyone - Jed i love your mags my dream is to put one of my knock knock jokes into a mag. P.S reply - Arlia I love TG best magazine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - chloe
The Best Thing About Spring!

The Best Thing About Spring!

Who's excited about spring? I sure am! I'd love to hear what your favourite part about spring is!

Hey guys,
Who's excited about spring? I sure am! The best part about spring is that I can take Cotton out on longer walks in the afternoon because the sun sets later.
I've been working really hard on weekends too, I volunteer at the animal shelter. It's so much fun, I really love helping animals in need, although I was a bit sad because my favourite bunny was adopted last weekend. I shouldn't be sad though because he is going to a loving new home. Have you guys ever volunteered at an animal shelter? It's very rewarding, I've met lots of people who love animals just as much as I do.

I LOVE animals - big and small! Illustration: Anna Radcliffe

Anyways, a little update on Angie, she said hello to me after school the other day. I know she is trying to make things right but I'm still sad that she chose another friend over me. What would you guys do? Would you befriend her again or let the friendship fade? I just don't know what to do.



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