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I looked everywhere but couldn’t find the May issue :( - Amelia I love your mags there are so cool and amazing .betsy - Betsy HEY!! (someone in the shoutouts said to say hi back so here it is!! 😁😉😀👋) - Isabelle I absolutely L-O-V-E the new mag 😜 - Zoe Went to buy latest issue at Coles and they didn’t have it ! - Danielle hey TG you the best i read all the magerzens I hope your doing good. - Rachel "The best accessory a girl can have is her best friend." -Paris Hilton - Shruti i love it - pearl Dear TGs Hope you all get luck in the prizes this week Your truely:Amellia - Amellia Thank you for being a amazing little brother!!!!!!!!!! - Bodhi

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