• Pretty Summer Hair

    by Mel | Dec 19, 2014

    Hi TGs!


    My favourite thing about summer, besides swimming, and mangoes, and making frozen popsicles, and basically everything EVER, is pretty summer hair. I feel like in winter we’re all so cold we don’t wanna do anything with our hair except for ponytails, but in summer it’s like plaits! Buns! Complicated headband braids! And I loooove it. I had a look at what some celebs have been doing lately to give you guys some hair inspo over the summer. Hope you like!

    Laura Marano pulled out plait

    Laura Marano

    I love this undone plait style! She’s actually got a fishtail braid going on, which are REALLY hard and would need a full on tutorial to explain to you, but you can get the same feel by doing a normal plait, and pulling little bits of hair out of it to make it messier.

    Bella Thorne bun hairstyle

    Bella Thorne

    Bow bun forever!!! How cool is this! It's really easy too – just do your hair up like it’s gonna be in a pony, but at the last loop of the hair tie just go halfway so it's like a loopy bun. Then just split this in half and pin down the bottom strands on either side so it looks like a bow!

    Debby Ryan bun hairstyle

    Debby Ryan

    This style is soooo good after the pool or the beach. After swimming, pull your hair up into a high bun, but pull the front pieces out and let them dry naturally so they get a bit of a wave to them. If you have to go to a friend's house, add a bow to make it a bit more dressy!


    What are your fave summer styles? Let me know in comments!


    Mel xx

  • My fave beauty things!

    by TG's Mel | Nov 20, 2014

    Hai TGs!

    You’ve probably already met me in-mag, but it’s nice to internet-meet you! I’m the fresh new beauty gal for Total Girl, so obviously we need to do introductions. I feel the best get-to-know-you game in beauty land is “what’s your favourite beauty thing EVER?”. I have, like, a million. But I'll narrow it down for you guys!

    Zendaya top knot


    OMTG. How great are top knots! SO GREAT. I have really thick hair so in summer it can make me really hot, and my fave thing to do is just throw it up in one of these so it's off my neck and still looking amazing! 

    Nail glitter

    Nail glitter

    I wore glitter nails to a glitter party I went to recently – they looked so cool! I wish I could have glitter nails every day. I used a BYS Glitter polish set and it was so easy to use; I just dunked my finger into the glitter while the base polish was still wet and WOW!

    Cupcake lip balm

    Cupcake lip balm

    My favourite lip balm flavor is cupcakes. SO. YUM! I used to be only about grape flavor and then I discovered this Maybelline one that’s called Cherry Velvet, but it actually tastes just like a yummy cake. I was sold!



    I know, I know – how borza. But sunscreen is a total fave of mine because I looooove being outdoors, swimming or doing sports or whatever, and getting burnt is super bad for your skin. So I've always got a sunscreen stashed in my bag! I like the spray ones 'cos I'm lazy, haha.

    Love Mel x

    What your your favourite beauty things? Let me know in the comments section!

  • Perfect Purple! Claire's New Beauty Edit

    by TG's Claire | Oct 16, 2014
    Claire's edit of purple beauty products
    BYS sugar for nails $9.95; Lush vegan bath bomb $5.50; The Body Shop white musk shower gel $4.95 for 60ml; Sportsgirl triple zip purse $12.95; Nicole by OPI nail polish in fanatical fuchsia $14.95; Lip Smacker Disney princess balm $3.49; Guess Girl Belle perfume $49 for 50ml (start saving); Elegant Touch nail wraps $8.99

    Hey TGs!

    I'm stoked that heaps of you seem to love my colour edits - that's awesome. Keep the comments and colour requests coming. Who knows which colour you'll see next?!

    I've had some requests for purple so here you go! Purple is brilliant - mysterious and regal. It's a colour that makes me think of creative girls with depth like Lorde

    The best purple things are: amethyst crystals; violets, that crazy Minion, distant galaxies and hummingbirds.
    The tastiest purple things are: grapes, grape-flavoured Zappos, M&Ms, plums and beetroot. 
    You're in a purple mood if: you're feeling girly, dramatic and dreamy. 
    Your purple soundtrack would be: Royals by Lorde, Once Upon a Dream by Lana del Rey and Lego House by Ed Sheeran.

    Purple's not your fave? No problemo. Keep the colour requests coming by leaving a comment and I'll get to your most-vibed colour really soon. 

    Love and sugared violets, 
    Claire x
  • Blue For Y.O.U! The Blue Edit

    by TG's Claire | Sep 30, 2014
    Blue Beauty Products
    Fudge hair chalk $9.95; Lady Jayne detangling comb $5.39; Katy Perry Royal Revolution $39 for 30ml or $49 for 50ml (start saving); Nicole by OPI nail polish in blue lace $14.95; Lush blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar $10.50; Colette by Colette Hayman headband $9.95; Sportsgirl denim spot beauty bag $9.95.

    Hi TGs!

    OK, so HEAPS of you guys wanted to see me do a blue edit and here it is! Blue is actually my fave colour, but I also love green! Blue is a great colour because it's so chilled-out and flattering on pretty much any TG.

    The best blue things are: the sky, butterflies, the Cookie Monster, parrots and Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball.

    The tastiest blue things are: blueberries, blue Nerds, blue macarons and blue jelly. 

    You're in a blue mood if: you're sad. Oh no! I think a blue mood can also be blissed-out, calm, relaxed and zen. 

    Your blue soundtrack would be: Blue Moon from Grease. Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65. Yeah, that song's kinda old, but it's really, really, really blue!

    Kinda not into blue? Cool with me. Comment and challenge me to a different colour instead!

    Love and blueberry ice-cream,
    Claire x

  • Hello, Yellow! Sunny Beauty Goodies

    by TG's Claire | Sep 23, 2014
    Beauty blogger Claire's fave yellow products

    Banana Boat Kids SPF50 spray, $16.49; Miss Shop pop heart mirror, $9.95; Burt's Bees radiance body lotion $24.95; Rise by Beyonce, $49 for 50ml (start saving); Nicole by OPI nail polish in Yellow, It's Me, $14.95; Lush honey bee bath ballistic, $6.75; Batiste tropical dry shampoo, $9.95.

    Hi TGs!

    I'm bringing you another colour edit - cool beauty bits in a colour chosen by Y.O.U. A couple of you guys wanted to see sunshine yellow, so here you go! It's all perfect for the warmer weather and the coming summer, don't you think?

    The best yellow things are: canaries, labradors, smiley face emojis and dandelions.

    The tastiest yellow things are: bananas, butter, lemon-flavoured cakes and custard.

    You're in a yellow mood if: you're very, very, very HAPPY. Happy like 1D just showed up at your b'day party.

    Your yellow soundtrack would be: Happy by Pharrell Williams. Yellow by Coldplay. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.

    Kinda not into yellow? No problemo. Comment and challenge me to a different colour instead! I'll be waiting. 

    Love and buttercups,
    Claire x

  • Pinky Promise! I Heart Pink

    by TG's Claire | Sep 04, 2014
    Beauty Blogger Claire's fave pink goodies
    Miss Shop cosmetics bag $9.95, Lush 'think pink' bath ballistic $5.50, bath bomb, Seed Heritage ice cream hair elastics $12.95, Miss Shop lip lacquer $9.95, essie nail polish $16.95, Fudge style whip $19.95, Guess Dare $49 for 50ml (start saving)

    Hi TGs!

    Do you LOVE pink? I do! I'm in a kinda pink mood today. Makes me want a strawberry milkshake and maybe a handful of marshmallows. 

    I've got my little edit of cool pink beauty swag - what's your fave?

    The best pink things are: sunsets, flamingos, ballet shoes and new TG Cassie's car (seriously, she's got, like, Barbie's car). 

    The tastiest pink things are: fairy floss, salmon, strawberries-and-cream Life Savers, cupcakes.

    You're in a pink mood if you: feel like doing some ballet, feel dreamy, or feel, you know, like blushing!

    Your pink soundtrack would be: Get The Party Started by P!nk

    But what if you're not so into pink? Cool with me! Suggest a colour in the comments and I'll do my best to bring you an edit of that colour! 

    Love and candy,
    Claire XO

  • How To Do A Frozen Plait

    by TG's Claire | Aug 22, 2014
    Hey TGs,

    Hands up who saw (and LOVED) Disney's Frozen? Thought so! Let It Go is only one of THE most ah-mazing musical numbers as sung by Elsa. Did you know Elsa's beautiful voice comes from Idina Menzel who you might recognise as Rachel Berry's mum on Glee

    Anyway, the singing is one of many things to adore about Frozen. I'm also really into the hair. Check it out: 

    Elsa and Anna in Disney's Frozen
    Here's how to get hair like Elsa and Anna. Obvs it helps to have long hair that is all the same length. 

    Elsa's plait
    1. If you want your hair to have lots of height like Elsa's, use a hairspray and a comb to raise a quiff over your forehead. 
    2. Work a smoothing serum through your locks, comb them and pull them over one shoulder. 
    3. Plait the hair without tying it off with an elastic first. 
    4. Secure it at the end with a bit of ice-cool sparkle. For extra Frozen magic, ask an adult if you can lightly dust some silver glitter through your hair, or use a glitter hairspray.

    Anna's pigtails
    1. Work a smoothing serum through your hair and part it to one side. 
    2. Divide the hair into two sections and pull them forward over your shoulders, then neatly plait both sections.
    3. Take some of the hair in the tuft at the end of each plait to wind around and hide each band. Secure with a bobby pin at the back. Optional: finish with a glossing spray. 

    These are super easy and way simpler than a French braid. Try them and let me know how you go. And tell me all about your fave things about Frozen in the comments!

    Love and icicles,
    Claire XO
  • OMTG it's a New Katy Perry Perfume!

    by TG's Claire | Aug 13, 2014
    Hey hey TGs!

    My fave cat-loving kooky chick Katy Perry has done a new take on her Killer Queen fragrance (which, by the way, might be the best celeb fragrance line ever, soz Tay!).

    Katy Perry's Killer Queen Royal Revolution puts a cool blue spin on the now-iconic bottle that looks like a huge, regal jewel. You know, big and sparkly like Katy's personality. 

    Katy Perry Killer Queen Royal Revolution

    Katy says a great fragrance is a big confidence booster: "like an invisible suit of luxurious armour ... your secret weapon!"

    Smells like: pink freesia, pomegranate, sandalwood, orange flower, jasmine petals, and lots more!

    Wear it when: you need an extra burst of awesome: maybe you want to land a spot on the debating team, or you made it into the netball finals!


  • Chalkboard Manicure Glam Inspo

    by TG's Claire | Jul 09, 2014
    Hey gorgeous girls,

    Today I'm having a play with some of the awesome swag I've been sent (luckiest girl alive or what?!). 

    The vibe: Yep, it has occurred to me that you TGs possibly don't associate blackboards with school - you all have interactive whiteboards. So bear with me - I guess this look is kinda old-school cute

    The product: ulta3's blackboard nail art set ($12, find it in Aussie pharmacies). You get a black nail polish that dries matte, plus a bunch of sweet pastels that paint on with a thin nail art brush. You also get a metal tool for your art. 

    Photo: blackboard nail art kit. For DIY chalk-effect manicures!

    The verdict
    : The box says to do two coats of black but it's so thick and gloopy I reckon one coat is okay. It really does dry to a chalkboard-y finish. Cool! 

    It takes a bit of time to get used to the long, skinny brush in each pastel bottle. Take care not to get too much polish on your brush. The brushes work really well for straight lines so letters are a great choice but you can draw whatever you want. I suggest letters like F-A-N-C-Y. Can you tell I've been listening to lots of Iggy Azalea? Make sure you listen to the radio version only, TGs.

    Iggy Azalea nail art: chalk board manicure ideas!

    I'm testing the product on my workie, Monique. Cute, right?

    Would you try the blackboard look? You can DIY it with black nail polish, pastels and a nail art brush. Have fun!

    XOXO Claire

  • How To Get Princess Aurora Hair

    by TG's Claire | Jun 18, 2014
    Hey beauties, 

    Have you been to see Disney's Maleficent yet? It's dark and gorgeous and I think you'll love the way Elle Fanning lights up the screen as the beautiful princess who must be awoken from her cursed sleep. 

    Watching Elle I had a major lighting bolt of hair-spiration.

    Elle Fanning is Princess Aurora in Maleficent. Photo: DisneyIn the movie Aurora has amazing, long blonde locks that are actually as achievable as they are pretty. 

    To get the Princess Aurora look

    1. Wash your hair and work through some texturising product. Aurora lives in a magic forest and is kind of free-spirited so this is a slightly messy look. You can use styling mousse or salt water spray. Work it through damp hair, pull it into a low ponytail, plait the ponytail and leave the plait overnight.

    2. Carefully undo the plait the next morning and gently finger-comb out the waves.

    3. Pull back two thin sections of hair from either side of your temples and wind them around each other. Pull them together at the centre of the back of your head. 

    4. Leave lots of wispy bits of hair around your face. If you like, you can decorate the twists of hair with little flowers like Aurora does. 

    Check out Aurora in the trailer for Maleficent:

    Would you try the Aurora look? Leave a comment below!

    Love and Disney princesses, 

    Claire XOXO

  • Hair Inspo: The Topsytail

    by TG's Claire | Apr 29, 2014
    Hey hey TGs,

    My TG friend Annabella came to visit TGHQ to test out some cool hair widgets from Scunci.

    Hair styling ideas for girls

    Here's what she thought:


    This fab design will make your hair look beautiful in minutes. With the six amazing different styles you will definitely get creative. My fave design is the half up style as I found it pretty easy to do. I love that it has such an amazing effect that isn’t that hard. This style works for many different hair types, as it is basically the half up, half down style just glammed up!

    School Hair Ideas: half-up half-down

    Another one of my favourites from the topsytail packet is the basic style. Even though the steps are pretty basic to get to the end result it looks really cool. This hairstyle would be great for most types of hair except if your hair is really short like a bob. The amazing end result would work beautifully for a special occasion like a wedding or even just casually.

    Cute ponytail hairstyle ideas

    Claire's tip: you don't need a tool to do these hairstyles. You should be able to pull your hair into either a ponytail or a half-up style, pull the elastic down a bit, gently create an opening and then flip your hair through for a similar look. 

    TGs, would you try a cute ponytail with a twist? What's your fave way to do your hair? Leave a comment below!

    XOXO Claire and Annabella

  • Monochrome Polka Dot Manicure!

    by TG's Claire | Apr 10, 2014
    Hey TGs!

    What do you do on a Sunday night? For me, this time is all about a fresh mani to set me up for the coming week. 

    I dug into my big box of mani things and found Elegant Touch nail wraps in a super adorbs black and white with contrast spots and even a few flashes of silver!

    I totes fell in love because I just finished reading an ah-maze book about a magical night circus that is all black and white. Inside its striped tents you find delights such as an ice garden and cloud maze. It was so beautiful that my mani of the moment HAD to be black and white. 

    Here it is: 

    Black and white nail art inspiration

    Nail wraps are pretty tricky to get perfect. In my case, the key is to give them a bit of a trim so they're not too wide, and when applying them, to stretch and pull them to avoid crinkles popping up at the edges. 

    Want to get this look without using nail wraps? You'll need a black nail polish, a white nail polish and a dotting tool. You can get real nail art tools for this purpose, or a nail art pen, but you can also use patience and a toothpick

    Would you try a black and white mani? Let me know with a comment below!

    Love and dotty dreams, 

    Claire XO
  • Lush's Adorbs Easter Beauty Bits

    by TG's Claire | Apr 02, 2014
    Hey beauties!

    OMTG it's April and you know what that means ... Easter is a hop, skip and a jump away!!!

    Helllloooo chocolate!

    But why restrict yourself to treats that come wrapped in brightly coloured foil? Lush has sent over some fresh Easter swag and trust me, you'll find it super adorbs

    Lush Cosmetics Easter gift ideas

    See? Squee! That, by the way, is my TGHQ desk's resident grass bunny. He doesn't have a name just yet - perhaps you'd like to suggest one

    Those carrots are Lush's fruity bubble bath, the golden eggs are bath bomb melts, the big, bright egg produces 'sunny citrus' bubbles and the carrot soap is actually made of lemon oil, cocoa butter, carrot oil and more. 

    Best of all, Lush promises this is cruelty-free beauty. That makes me a happy bunny!

    Want some tips for a clean, green Easter? Pick up an April Total Girl mag now and flick over to Eco Zone.

    What kind of Easter surprises do you want to get? Leave a comment below!

    Love and chocolate
    Claire xx
  • How To Fix A Fringe Fail

    by TG's Claire | Mar 26, 2014
    Heya beautiful girls

    Did you know? A new look Total Girl is coming and I am sooooo excited!!! Just wait until you see May! You will love it, I promise. 

    Anyway, we're doing a bunch of cool, new things, including the Ask Me Anything section in Girl Talk. You TGs get to ask us, well, anything!

    Fix your fringe - Tips to help with a bad hair day!


    I was sent this question and I liked it so much I want to devote a blog post to it: 

    Hi Claire, I think you're really cool. I was wondering - I've got school photos coming up and mum recently cut my fringe and it was a massive FAIL. Do you know any cool styles to hide the fringe? Thanks, Tess

    Hi Tess,

    OMTG, a fringe fail? I've so been there. In fact, it was my fault. I was the one with the scissors. Totes do not do this. DIYs are fun, but DIY haircuts are a no-no. 

    Don't sweat your school photo day. It's way less of a big deal than it seems. 

    In the lead up to photo day, experiment with your fringe. You can try: 

    • A slicked-back ponytail. Depending on the length, it might be possible to use a lot of mousse and bobby pins to make the fringe lie flat against your scalp, like it's not there at all. 
    • A headband. Try one of those ones made of wire, with 'teeth'. The teeth will help pull the fringe back and keep it back. Mousse will probs help here too. 
    • A hair-piece. Yep, you could buy a fake-fringe in the same colour as your hair to disguise the fringe you kinda don't like. 
    • If all else fails, put on your most dazzling smile! It will light up your face and no one will worry about your hair. 

    XOXO Claire

    What else could Tess try? Leave a comment below!

  • Sugary Pastel Easter Nails

    by TG's Claire | Mar 19, 2014
    Hi TGs,

    I looooove it when the Easter Bunny visits me. Somehow this guy knows that my fave kind of choccy is peppermint chocolate - it is the BEST. 

    But OMTG I've already had a visit from the lesser-known but very cool Beauty Bunny

    Want to see what I've got? Check out these eggcellent Easter manicure ideas!

    Pastel Easter nail polish colours

    Pastel nails are massive, girls, and these ulta3 ones are a little more spesh because they've got dark flecks in them that makes them set with a speckled finish!

    The speckles are just like the marks and mottles on pretty bird eggs and the colours are sweet like sugared almonds.

    The colours have names like Hot Cross Fun and Hippidy Hop and that's adorbs. 

    These nail colours will make you say, "Cheep, cheep," (LOL, let me know if you get my punny gag) because they're totes not exxy - they're $3 a bottle. 

    Speckled Pastel Nail Polish Colour Samples

    Top pick: The robin's egg blue. The speckling isn't easy to see but the colour is joyful like a clear, sunny sky.

    Surprise smash: Yellow - the speckles stand out and look cute.

    Egg fans only: The grey-green shade is cool and fascinating as it totally does look like an eggshell, but it's a bit quirky for most. 

    Which colour is your fave? What's your Easter manicure idea TGs? Leave a comment below!

    Love and Easter chocolate
    Claire xx

  • How To Use A Hair Straightener

    by TG's Claire | Mar 12, 2014
    Heya TGs!

    OMTG overnight I heard that Lorde, New Zealand’s own singing superstar who has two Grammys at the age of 17, is doing a beauty collab with totes famous brand MAC

    Need a Lorde style shortcut? Try a super dark nail polish!

    Maybe her close friend Taylor Swift will give her products a try?!

    As we’ve been talking about hair so much lately, I want to take some time to answer TG Amy’s question posted in the comments of my ‘How To Dry Your Hair’ blog entry.

    Hi Claire

    I got a straightener for Christmas and don't know how to use it.
    It didn't come with instructions so I was wondering if you have any tips?

    From Amy

    Hi Amy, follow these tips and you’ll be BFFs with your straightener in no time!

    XOXO Claire

    How To Use A Hair Straightener - Hair Tutorials

    1. Safety first. Like an iron, hair straighteners are hot, can burn and can start fires. Don’t go there! Hold the appliance by its cool, outer plastic parts and never touch its hot plates – my own straightener heats as hot as 230 degrees! That’s hot like an oven cooking your pizza.

    Do not let the straightener cook YOU

    Avoid touching your skin
    with the straightener and don’t leave it clamped around your hair – it can burn it. Also, don’t leave it on and forget about it.

    2. Protect your hair. Heat and hair are not best friends. Yes, straighteners can make your mane look smooth and glossy, but too much heat can damage your hair and make it dry out.

    You might want to use a heat protecting spray first.

    3. Prep. Your hair should be wet or dry depending on the model of straightener you have. Detangle first before you start.

    4. Straighten in sections. Got too much hair in there? The straightener won’t work well on a huge chunk of hair. Use the straightener on sections of hair, and try to go systematically around your head. Start at the top and smoothly glide the tongs from the root of the hair to the tips of each section. Keep going until you’re all done!

    Finish with some hairspray for extra hold – your hair will stay straight until it gets wet again.


  • How To Blow-dry Your Hair

    by TG's Claire | Mar 05, 2014
    Hey TGs!

    So here I am in exciting new animated form. Yay. Go me!

      Hair-drying lessons for tweens

    Anyway, ever wondered how to dry your hair? It seems pretty easy - plug in, point the hot air at hair, and you're done! But wait, there's a little more to it than that. 

    A couple of things: safety first! Don't mix your dryer with water and definitely don't blow dry in the bath! Your dryer wants to be dry. Clue's in the name. 

    So ... you're freshly showered, your hair is wet, what next

    1. Wring out as much moisture as you can with your hands. That'll save you heaps of time. You can also (gently!) towel dry your hair. One celeb tip is to use a soft, old T-shirt for drying.

    2. Choose the heat setting that's right for you. I have stacks of hair. SO MUCH HAIR. I use the hot setting, but not all the time. You might want the medium setting. You might want the odd blast of cool. Suit yourself.
    3. Dry your hair in sections and, as you go, finger-comb out any knots. You might also like to use a wide-toothed comb for less snagging. My fave thing? It's a Tangle Teezer. Looks kind of like a pet brush but works super, super well on knotty hair. 

    4. Want a profesh finish? You'll need a round brush and some patience and practise. Run the brush through sections of hair and roll it through the underside. Your Mum will be able to show you how to do this. 

    5. Don't dry for too long - too much heat isn't good for your scalp or your hair. 

    6. You can finish with a touch of glossing spray. Ta-dah!

    Hope this helps! 

    Oh, hey, do you have any beauty questions for me? I'm doing a cool beauty Q&A so hit me with your best beauty Q's and I'll give you some A's in an upcoming mag!!! Leave your questions below. 

    XOXO Claire
  • How To Choose A Fragrance

    by TG's Claire | Feb 26, 2014
    Hey hey gorgeous things!

    Let's talk about pretty scents, perfumes and all things that smell like unicorns. Yep, I've never smelled a unicorn (have you?) but I'm more or less certain they smell GREAT. 

    Best perfumes for girls - Beauty blogger Claire's review!
    Some of the perfumes at TGHQ: left to right - Crabtree & Evelyn pear and magnolia fragrance; Jeanne en Provence rose fragrance; Harajuku Lovers Love perfume; Pavement Petals Arielle perfume; and Pink Glitz perfume.

    If you've ever been to a perfume counter, you've probably been overwhelmed by choice. It's all so shiny (those bottles!) and after a while - and 10 or so tester strips later - your nose can get muddled by things that smell same-y.

    So, here are some of my fragrance tips for you:

    1. Find a perfume that suits your personality. Sweet and girly? You'll want florals. Sporty and active? Try something that smells fresh and clean. There's a scent out there for everybody. 

    2. Perfumes can be a little exxy. You'll need to save your coinage, or else maybe give Mum a hint around your birthday. A lot of perfumes come in cheaper, smaller sizes (say, 30m or so), or in a body cream and these are usually a lot more affordable. 

    3. Don't fall for a pretty bottle. I know, SO hard to do, right? I've totally done this. Remember, though, you're not going to wear the bottle, so no matter how beautiful it is, make sure you actually like what's inside. 

    4. Celeb perfumes are usually a good bet. They're made with girls like you in mind, and it's pretty cool to go out knowing you smell like Taylor!!!

    5. Don't overdo the spritzing. It's easy to get carried away when you find one you like, but less can be more unless you want to bowl people over when they get within metres of you. Try this trick - spray into the air, then step into the space you just sprayed. If the scent is milder you can spray directly onto your skin, but keep it to just a squirt or two.

    What scents do you like best? Leave a comment below!

    XOXO Claire
  • Glitter Bomb Nails! How To Do A Super Sparkly Mani

    by TG's Claire | Jan 22, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    Reaching for a new nail polish colour, I felt some regret setting in. 

    I mean, sure the polish was pretty good. But I kept trying to figure out why the sight of my nails was making me so queasy. Like, bleuggghhh.

    I worked it out - liver nails! I was wearing a colour the shade of a squishy internal organ. Uhhhhhh so gross!!! Trust me, I Googled livers and the shade is like super on-point for a real, actual raw liver. But I don't want to gross you out, so here's a nice illo.

    Claire explains how to fix gross nails

    See - liver hands of doooooommmm.

    Anyway, on with the story. TG's Lattitia was working on one of her amazing DIYs and she had a whole heap of spare glitter on a plate. It was already mixed with glue so we couldn't keep it. 

    So, I stuck my hands in it. Like this: 

    How to do a glitter bomb manicure

    Obvs it was super messy. To seal the deal, I added a coat of Rimmel's finishing touch glitter topcoat. Then I washed my hands to get rid of the excess glitter (it went EVERYWHERE). 

    Result! Glitter-bombed nails. It's, like, 10 times shinier than normal glitter nail polish. Give it a try!

    Glitter manicure tutorial

    Would you try extreme glitter nails? And do you actually like liver nails?! Leave a comment below! 

    XOXO Claire
  • Tropical Escape Beauty (Without Actually Going Anywhere)

    by TG's Claire | Jan 15, 2014
    Hi TGs!

    I don't know about you, but I'd quite like to be here:

    Holiday beauty and glam ideas. Photo: Getty Images

    You know what I mean: nothing but white sand, palm trees and pineapples. Also bright cotton dresses, jewel-coloured birds (that talk!) and lots of seafood to eat. Ahhhh!

    When it's not possible to actually run away to a tropical island, summer's a great time to try a few products that make you feel like you have

    I found these

    Tropical-themed beauty products

    Clockwise: pineapple-flavoured lip-balm from Bomb Cosmetics; a mango bath melt from Lush; Garnier Fructis surf hair texturising paste; Beachcomber frangipani lip balm, and Pure Coconut glossing spray, also for hair. 

    If you want that island fantasy feeling, just look for scents inspired by island fruits and flowers and you'll soon be in an endless summer. 

    Don't have the pocket money for new beauty goodies? Don't sweat it. Coconut oil is cheap as chips and looks and smells lovely rubbed into dry, scaly limbs. Tuck a frangipani behind one ear, or weave a few into your wavy locks. If you want 'just had a swim' surf-tousled hair, get a clean spray bottle and mix up some water, salt, hair conditioner, then work it through your mane.

    Aloha, girls!

    XOXO Claire