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Hi TGS! By the way I’m very cool and awesome. Ada and Poppy say hi - Charlotte hey girl my name is Mia and I would like to give a shout out to my girl milah - Jarmia-Maree I love TG I even beg for my mum to buy it - Savannah I love my Mum!! - Ava I Love this website and it’s so cool giving people a chance to win things I would love to win this prize the smart watch Zoe - Zoe love you tg - Summer Hi TG!! I love your mags soooo much! They totally inspire me for fashion and for books to read and movies to watch! -Alyssa - Alyssa hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TG - addison Dear TG, My name is Rose and I love total girl! My fav thing of the mag is the comps and embarrassing moment’s. I would also like to say thanks for the cool prize! I won the three resoftebles! - Rose Hey guurrlllss Total mag is totally AWESOME me and girl Milah Kate Love this mag ;) <3 - Jarmia-Maree
Do The TG Dance Tutorial

Do The TG Dance Tutorial

Learn the moves to the Total Girl Dance!

Check out this tutorial of our very own Total Girl Dance thanks to special guests Emily, Charlotte and Naomi!

Let the girls take you through step-by-step and then put it all in motion so you can rock out to the Total Girl Dance. It’s simple but fun choreography – anyone can do it! There is even a special cameo by TG Editor Claire. Get rehearsing, TGs!


It was absoloutely Amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
30/9/2021 7:59:59 PM
Awesome!! I absolutely loved it
12/9/2021 7:38:49 AM
Love it
14/8/2021 4:01:50 PM
AWESOME!!! :) :) :) :)
1/6/2021 3:43:52 PM
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