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Shout out to all pop stars πŸ™Œβ€β€β€πŸ’“ - Trichelle hi TGs!!! I have been reading Total Girl for around a year and a half now an I absolutely love remember to stay strong and stay healthy! Bye - Addison TG love the mag and all the ideas of what I can do. Awesome .. - Athena OMG I love your magazines. I have been reading them for 4 years!!!!! 🌟🌟 - Elle I love TG magazines! So cool -Madi - Madi TG is the best I get a subscription for my birthday BEST MAG EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR :] - Abba I looovve Total Girl! - Elly I just entered some contests i I hope I win 😫🀞 - Ella Shout out to THE TEAM! I love them! - Mia Total girl is the best - Sarah
Do The TG Dance Tutorial

Do The TG Dance Tutorial

Learn the moves to the Total Girl Dance!

Check out this tutorial of our very own Total Girl Dance thanks to special guests Emily, Charlotte and Naomi!

Let the girls take you through step-by-step and then put it all in motion so you can rock out to the Total Girl Dance. It’s simple but fun choreography – anyone can do it! There is even a special cameo by TG Editor Claire. Get rehearsing, TGs!


It was absoloutely Amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
30/9/2021 7:59:59 PM
Awesome!! I absolutely loved it
12/9/2021 7:38:49 AM
Love it
14/8/2021 4:01:50 PM
AWESOME!!! :) :) :) :)
1/6/2021 3:43:52 PM
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