• Summer Clothes!

    by Kristy | Oct 08, 2015

    Hey guys, 

    It's summer, yay!!!

    The best thing about summer (besides getting to hang outdoors with your mates) is all the colourful clothing!

    Below are some of the coolest items I picked for my summer BFF hangs. 

    Straw Hat 

    River Island hat, $16

    It’s important to be sun safe and you might as well do it in style!

    Gold Sandals 

    Seed Heritage shoes, $34.95


    These shoes are so sparkly. I can't wait to put them on!

    Photographic Print Dress

    Target dress, $20

    This is the perfect party dress. 

    Summer Shorts

    River Island shorts, $18


    Did someone say playing at the park? These shorts will brighten your day.

    Summer Tee

    Seed Heritage top, $29.95


    This top screams summer!

    Denim Skirt

    Target skirt, $20


    Love hearts + denim = my absolute faves!


    Hope you have as much fun as I do in the sun!

    Love, Kristy x

  • TG's Nickelodeon Challenge: Find Your Creative Jam

    by Lisa | Sep 02, 2015
    Hey TGs! 

    We're super excited here at TGHQ because there is a brand new TV show coming out on Nickelodeon called 100 Things to Do Before High School. It's totes amaze, we know you're going to LOVE it as much as we do! 

    It's about this girl called CJ who has a list of all the things she wants to do before high school. She and her BFFs, Fenwick and Christian go on all these fun adventures trying to tick all these crazy things off CJs list! 

    Sounds fun, right? We thought so too, so some of the TG team are going to take on a few of the challenges from the show, like having to say yes to everything for a WHOLE day, or facing your worst fear!

    Get ready for some fun adventures TGs!


    Hi guys! 


    I’m facing my challenge for Nickelodeon’s brand-new TV series 100 Things to Do Before High School head-on and scrambling to find my creative jam! It’s all about looking for things to inspire me and get my creativity flowing. Funnily enough, as I write this I am experiencing what people call ‘writer’s block’! That’s when I’ve lost all my creativity and I have to find my jam again! 


    Every time this happens (and that’s every now and then), the very first thing I do is get up from my desk and ‘shake it off’. Tay would be super impressed with my shaking skills!


    I’ve always found my mates can be a perfect distraction – and at the top of my list is my bestie Nat! I’ll call her when my creativity is low and we’ll usually just catch a movie or hit the shops. There’s nothing a new pair of sneakers can’t fix!


    I also love just chilling out to music and Ed Sheeran's tunes are always so inspiring! And then once in awhile I’ll pop out to an art gallery and check out all the pretty exhibitions. When I get home it’s not long until I’m back in the zone and feeling inspired!


    So when you’re feeling a little less creative, take my advice – you’ll be creating greatness in no time!


    Love, Lisa x

  • Colourful Winter Fashion!

    by Lisa | Jul 30, 2015

    Heya girls, 

    Brrrr… Isn't it cold outside? Wintry days call for some colour, so I'm all about accessorising my winter wardrobe! Check out my fave pieces to add some fun to a cool – I mean warm! – layered outfit!

    Tiger scarf Target

    Target scarf, $15

    Such a fun animal print!

    Cable Knit Beanie

    Target beanie, $15

    Just what I need to warm my chilly ears.

    Headband Colette

    Colette by Colette Hayman headband, $5.95

    Prettiest pastel headband.

    Fashion Bracelet

    Pavement bracelets, $14.95

    Add pops of colour with these bright bracelets!


    Pavement bag, $26.95

    Perfect size to carry my lip gloss and hair clips.


    Equip necklace, $12.99     

    I love the tribal trend and this necklace is perf!

    Tell me how you like to accessorise in the comments below.

    Lisa xx

  • Best fashion finds under $10!

    by Kristy | Jul 02, 2015

    Girls, I'm totes obsessed with shopping, I could shop all day, every day. So you can count on me to tell you, I've found some brand-new winter items for every wardrobe!


    The best part about my new finds? Not only are they super warm, they're also only $10 – and under! 

    YES, $10 and under!! So. Amazing!!!

    Starry Cotton On Socks

    Socks, $2.95, Cotton On 

    I love the pattern and they're fun to wear with my boots. 


    Floral Cap Best & Less 

    Hat, $5, Best & Less

    The colour is so bright – I can team it with a jumper and leggings. 

    Cat Top Best & Less

    Top, Best & Less, $5

    My pet cat Peanut looks exactly like the cat on this top – its so funny!


    Silver Shoes 

    Shoes, Best & Less, $7

    The silver colour is so pretty and the box makes it extra girlie! 


    Pink bow top Best & Less 

    Top, Best & Less, $6

    Put a bow on anything and it'll be my fashion BFF.

    Blue Wash Jeans Best & Less


    Jeans, Best & Less, $10

    These jeans are perfect for that everyday vibe! 



    Kristy xx
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  • Denim Love!

    by Lisa | May 22, 2015

    Heya girls, 


    Let’s talk denim! They're your go-to for everything - I practically live in them! Hanging out with your bestie, going to the movies, kicking the ball around at the park – jeans are just so comfy! Aaaaand there are so many options! Light, dark, baggy, embellished! 


    Here are some I have my eye on… 

    Best and Less Baggy Jeans

    Best&Less $25 

    I just love how baggy these are! Sooo comfy!

    Best and Less Grey Jeans

    Best&Less $25

    I love a jogger – they double as a track-pant!

    Cotton On Jeans

    CottonOn $34.95

    These are just the perf colour.


    Next $30

    The stones are super pretty and make this pair all the more special.

    Target Jeans belt

    Target $30

    How cute is the belt!

    Target Jeans blue

    Target $10

    My ‘everyday’ jeans 


    Which ones are your fave? Tell me in the comments below!


    Lisa xx

  • Winter Clothes!

    by Kristy | May 01, 2015

    Hi fashionistas! 


    My fave part of my job is seeing all the new clothes before they hit the stores, and right now I'm seeing the best winter clothes, ever. I'm like getting SOOOOO excited cause, winter is my fave season. It's so cool that you get a chance to play around with all the fun fluffy clothes and most importantly play dress ups everyday, it's the best.


    I'm already thinking about all the clothes I wanna buy and it's not even cold yet! Check out what's on my winter shopping list… 

    Fluffy Target Jacket

    Target jacket, $35

    I just love how it's so soft to touch.

    Bracelet Cotton On

    Cotton on Foundation Bracelet, $2.50

    The perfect addition to my bracelet collection.


    Seed Scarf

    Seed Heritage Scarf, $29.95

    So easy to wear and such a cute print.

    Jessica Slouch Tee Cotton On

    Free by Cotton On tee, $19.95

    This bird-print top reminds me of my pet bird Zayn, it totes looks the same.


    Spotty Leggings

    Seed Heritage leggings, $19.95

    I love anything with a spot print!

    What's your fave winter fashion item? Let me know in the comments below! 

    Kristy xx
  • Pooja's Party Fashion Guide

    by Pooja | Feb 14, 2014

    Hi TGs!

    Every girl wants to make a statement at a party. Well, here are some ideas of how to make your outfit really memorable.

    My closet is mostly made up of contrast. I love how you can give something a totally new look by pairing it up with something that would normally be considered entirely different.

    This blue dress paired up with a bright yellow belt is a great example of contrast. Something like this would probably be a great idea for your friend's b'day party!

    Summer fashion ideas for girls.

    You can never go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and a classy top. If you're not that into dresses, this combo is definitely a go for a party.

    Photos: fashion blog party outfit ideas!


    I hope you like my party outfit style ideas!

    Pooja xx
  • Summer Fashion Essentials!

    by TG's Guest Blogger: Pooja! | Jan 17, 2014

    Introducing Pooja

    Summer fashion ideas for girls.
    Pooja: Total Girl's guest fashion blogger!

    Pooja's doing some guest blogs for Total Girl as the winner of our Crayola Creations dress design competition. We loved her ah-maze drawing of a truly beautiful gown:

    Guest Fashion Blogger Pooja's Winning Dress Design
    Pooja's winning wedding dress design!


     Hi TGs!

    I've covered some cute fashion ideas for you to look at so your summer can be one extremely fashionable adventure.

    Don't be afraid to try new things. That's what fashion's about. So get inspired and have a great summer!

    My Summer Fashion Essentials:

    Jumpsuit: They are definitely a must-have for the summer. And, the best part is you can throw them on any time and still look great!

    Striped top and red shorts: The combination of the two striped materials is a genius and the bright red definitely give it an edgy look.

    Summer dress: Whether it's white, blue or print, this is definitely the time for summer dresses (check out my summer dress in the pic above)!

    Shorts and tee: Band tees and faded shorts are ways to express yourself and still look trendy.

    I hope these summer fashion ideas help!
    Pooja xx

    P.S Look out for my next blog, coming in February 2014!