• Hit Or Miss? Celeb Outfits Rated!

    by | Feb 28, 2014
    Hi fashionistas,
    Did you know that famous peeps are given oodles of free clothes? Not to mention employ stylists and on the odd occasion are paid to wear certain brands? Are you well jel yet? I am! But, with all their fashion perks, sometimes celebs get it wrong - just like you and me!
    Check out the style-savvy celebs that I put to the ultimate fashion test! Who will take the fashion crown and who took styling cues from an alien?


    Ariana Grande Fashion Accessories Photo Instagram
    Ariana Grande 8/10
    Sweet Ariana looks divine sporting a 60’s inspired headscarf. The star earrings and pop of pink lip make it a total accessorising success.

     Bella Thorne's Fashion Style: Red Dress Photo Instagram
    Bella Thorne 8.5/10
    Talk about looking fierce in red! A bold, stand out colour is always winning!

    Victoria Justice Fashion: Ripped Jeans Photo Instagram
    Victoria Justice 5/10
    Fashion is all about exploring new trends, but VJ’s blue lipstick is just out of this world wrong! Five points for the on trend ripped jeans.

    Taylor Swift Floral Dress Photo Instagram
    Taylor Swift 9/10
    Swifty nails the classic lady look every time. Florals are a guaranteed hit all year long!

    How do you rate these looks, fashionistas? Join the panel!

    Images: Instagram

  • It's Party Time!

    by | Jan 10, 2014

    Hi girls,
    Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2014? I can’t wait to bring you all new trendy tips and styling ideas fresh from the racks of your fave shops!
    So….Yeah, yeah, I know the festive season is officially over *tear* but you should never need a reason to frock up! I’m permanently in party dress-up mode and every fashionista should have the perfect party outfit on hand, you know, just in case you’re invited to a bday last minute..or Harry drops in for a surprise visit *blush*
    My pick for summer?
    Look totes pretty in pink with this super cute Zara dress $55.95, floral Seed Heritage espadrilles $ 39.95 and popping Cotton On sunglasses $9.95!
    What do you think?
    Lots of love! xo

    Gorgeous girls party outfit
  • Summer Fashion Inspiration: Tropical!

    by | Nov 22, 2013

    Picture this: vintage beach shacks, pineapple shakes served in coconut shells and retro tunes belting out of the radio.

    Sounds pretty amazing huh?

    Seed’s new summer collection aims to whisk you away on a tropical island adventure and with bursts of tropical colours and cool silhouettes you will no doubt be transported to a colourful beachside scene.

    Seed Girls' Tropical Fashion

    Fun prints and eye-popping patterns mark the beginning of Seed’s summertime escapade. Slouchy styles reemerge in refreshing hues – this time decorated with studs, sequins, and stones for added chic. Fruity patterns have also squeezed their way on to a few tees or two.

    Seed Girls' Tropical Fashion

    So, TGs, inject a little tropicana into your wardrobe and take a trip to Seed island paradise! Visit

  • The Onesie-derful Trend

    by | Nov 13, 2013
    I’ve got one word to say to you this week – onesies!

    Justin Biebs and One Direction wear them, they’re the most comfortable invention since the beanbag and are totes cute to boot!

    Yes it’s summer, but don’t let the warmer weather deter you! It just means you won’t need to sleep with a sheet on therefore you can sleep anywhere…anytime!!

    Next have the best range I’ve seen thus far and my personal fave is the adorbs panda! The problem is, you won’t want just onesie, you’ll want twosies and threesies and before you know it you’ll have a whole zoo of animal onesies!!

    Check out the whole collection at

    Which one do you want on your Christmas wish list?

  • Onstyling an Outfit

    by | Sep 24, 2013

    Hi TGs

    Umming and ahhing about how to put your ensemble together? Here’s some quick tips on how to get it right!

    Lattitia's tips: how to pull an outfit together


    1. Always choose one hero, standout piece. This will be the focal point of your outfit, so basically everyone’s eyes should zoom into this piece as though it were Harry Styles! LOL!
    2. Balance out your hero piece with some smart chic basics like a denim button up, white tank or jeans.
    3. Use accessories and shoes to tie in a common colour from your hero piece to ensure your outfit flows. You don’t want to look too matchy matchy, so a when in doubt opt for a block colour, like this cute Bardot Junior heart clutch.
    4. Comfort comes first – always!
    5. If your outfit lacks punch, try a new flashy hairdo. A loose braid with some flowers in it is my spring go-to.

    Hope this helps! Be sure to send in some snaps of your styled outfits. 

  • Friday Fashion Finds

    by | Aug 19, 2013
    Happy Friday TGs!
    If you’re like me, Friday is a totes fun day because it means the weekend is just around the corner and you’re buzzing with excitement from the mere thought of freedom! Yippee!!
    Friday is also, *bam bam bammmm..!*: Friday Fashion Finds in the blogosphere, where I deliver to you the best fashion finds of the week! It’s almost like your homework is done for you! Geez, my job can be tough sometimes ;)
    Do you have a fave? Would love to hear from you!
     Smiley Jumper from Seed
    Seed jumper $44.95 
    This jumper makes me smile!

    Ombre Denim Vest from Target
    Target denim vest $29
    Add a bit of punk appeal to your get-up

    Floral Backpack from Seed 
    Seed backpack $49.95
    Make a statement at school with this floral beauty!

    Colourful Sandals from Bardot 
    Bardot Junior sandals $39.95
    Brighten up your look with rainbow kicks
    Stripey Overnight Bag from Cotton On
    Cotton On tote $19.95
    Sleepovers just got more fun!

    Ombre Blue Jeans from Target 
    Target jeans $29
    Jeans have never looked so cool!
  • Meet the Model: Tiana!

    by | Jul 11, 2013


    We chatted to our ah-maze model, Tiana, to hear about her personal style, how she got her modelling start and what it means to her to be featured in the pages of Total Girl.

    Meet TG Model: Tiana!
    Tiana is a star!

    The Stats:

    Age: 11
    Hometown: Sydney

    Agency: Starfish Kids Talent Agency

    Total Girl shoots:
    Two and counting. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star JULY ‘13 issue and Mexican Fiesta NOV ‘12 issue.

    We love you at Total Girl because you’re such a pro! How long have you been modelling for?
    Aw, thank you! Since I was 3 or 4, so a long time now.

    Who was your first shoot for?
    It was for BIG W and it was lots of fun from what I remember haha.

    Why do you love modelling for Total Girl?
    The shoots are always so much fun and the themes are really cool!

    What was your first Total Girl Shoot?
    It was the Mexican themed shoot last year. I got to wear a sombrero, play with a piñata and wear a funny fake mustache!  

    What are some other cool modelling gigs you’ve done?
    I have done shoots for Fred Bear, Bonds, David Jones, Seafolly, Vogue, Industry and The Lost Girls.

    What’s your fave fashion brand?
    I like Witchery8Fourteen and Bardot Junior because they always have cool things every season. They’re my go-to shops!

    Fave winter look?
    I always wear leggings with my pink or purple Converse hi-tops

    If you could own any piece of clothing what would it be?
    Just lots of dresses. All types. I really love dresses because they’re heaps comfy.

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I want to be a dancer or a choreographer. I do want to keep modelling though, ‘cause it’s so much fun!

    What is your favourite part of Total Girl?
    I like to look at all the clothes in the photo shoots

    What is your favourite dance style?
    I love Lyrical. It’s like a softer contemporary.

    Who are your favourite celebs right now?
    Selena Gomez, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. I’ve seen her in concert and she was amazing!


  • Tee-terrific!

    by | May 29, 2013
    Ok, so we know Target always delivers the goods, but this week, I spotted the coolest tees and jumpers that I just had to share with you! Target have really outdone themselves this time (kinda how 1D just get more and more ah-mazing!).

    With punchy colours and standout graphics, they're guaranteed to brighten up a dull winter day and keep you snuggly warm

    And just between you and I, I mean this is TOP secret, some days I just can't be bothered glamming up so these gems are perfect for weekend lounging around the house, whilst still looking fashionable. What do you think?

    Prices start from $18 from all leading stores. Visit to see more of their totes cool range.

    Awesome jumpers!
  • Hello Kitty returns!

    by | May 29, 2013
    Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

    Our favourite feline is back with TC (too cute) Hello Kitty jewellery! The adorable range, available exclusively at diva, has something for every kitty lover with rings, bracelets, necklaces, iPod covers and more! 

    The best part is, prices start at $4.99 so if you're lucky, you could own a whole set! This collection is paws down fashion purr-fection! 

    Which is your fave?

    Lots of love and kitty cat cuddles,

  • YOUR fave look!

    by | May 29, 2013
    Hi lovely fashionistas!

    One of my favourite parts of the job is hearing from YOU and a totes fun way of collecting your thoughts is through theTrendsetter polls on this very site! Learning the results often helps me work out what kind of looks you dig, trends you heart and what you're all about!

    Last week we asked... What's your fave trend? And you voted...

    Tropical 36%
    Neon 35%
    Floral 17%
    Tie-Dye 12%

    Here are your fave trends fresh from the pages of TG! As you can see, each of these four trends work best with neutral colours or mixed with denim. 

    Now that you've voted, is your fave trend still your fave head-to-look? Would LOVE to hear from you TG fashionistas

    Lots of love and neon!

    Tie-Dye Shades

    Tropical Paradise

    Neon Brights

    Floral Frenzy!
  • Jungle Fever

    by | May 29, 2013
    Hi lovely TGs!

    Pop on your safari hat and get ready ready to explore the stores for this season's wildest trend - jungle fever! Are you ready to walk on the wild side? I am! I heart this trend so much that half my wardrobe is made up of animal inspired pieces!

    spot of leopard print, animal graphics or a hint of khaki will spice up any plain outfit! There are no wrongs with this trend, you can mix n' match animal prints or go for a more basic look with a white tee and leopard print pants. If this trend is really sending creepy crawlies down your spine, try adding an animal print scalf or zebra ring, like this cool Gumboots ring, for a gradual introduction.

    Witchery 8Fourteen, Seed and Gumboots
     have some roaring numbers so be sure to check out their collections in stores! For more tips and style advice on this trend, be sure to check out the new issue of Total Girl. 

    Lots of love my lionesses!

    Gumboots ring $9.95

    Witchery 8Fourteen jumper $34.95

    Witchery 8Fourteen jeans $59.95

    Seed jumper $69.95

    Seed pants $59.95

  • 'The Lost Girls' Ah-maze Sleepover!

    by | Jun 27, 2013

    Ever dream of running wild and having a weekend home alone to raid the lolly jar, build a ‘Girl’s Only’ fort and fill the bathroom with bubbles?

    The Lost Girls: blue patttern dress

    Well, prepare to get majorly jelly over The Lost Girls spring/summer Home Alone campaign! Model/blogger Zali ruled the house for a whole two days and got to model some seriously trendy ensembles too!

    I was fortunate enough to get invited to the slumber party, where I chatted with The Lost Girl’s Brand Manager, Pat, to give you the full low-down of this uber cool collection and what trends will pack a punch next season!

    For more on The Lost Girls spring/summer collection, be sure to check out July TG’s Style Files for our exclusive interview with Zali and hilarious BTS pics!

    Q: What are the key trends from The Lost Girls collection?

    A: Loads of colour! We are showcasing bright florals, cool ombre dip-dyed animal print and being inspired by everything rainbow!

    The Lost Girls: colour

    Q: Describe the ultimate Lost Girl?

    A: She is a trendsetter but always stays true to her own personal style! She is cheeky and just wants to have fun!

    Q: What are the standout pieces from the collection?

    A: There are so many! The “Tigers Eye” jumper (with the a huge tiger print on the front) is pretty incredible. We also have super cool studded denim shorts!

    The Lost Girls: tiger print

    Q: Who do you draw inspiration from?

    A: Street style trends. I love seeing what other people overseas are wearing and it’s usually different and new!

    Q: Should you dress for trend or personality?

    A: I love to pull ideas and be inspired by what’s trending but then add my own style to it.


  • Kristy’s Autumn Top 5!

    by Kristy | Mar 21, 2016

    Hey TGs,


    How have you all been? I hope you've been playing dress ups all day, everyday!


    Now, you know I have so many fun parts of my cool job. But the best is when I get to go shopping and show you guys all the new cool things out there to play dress ups in. THESE ITEMS are my new fave top five. 


    Hope you like them as much as I like making the list for you!

    Bunny Shirt

    This top is so cute and perfect for Easter which is coming up!!

    Seed Heritage, 29.95

    Stripy Dress

    This dress is so much fun and I love the stripe detailing. PS: on the back there are like, FIVE bows!  

    Bardot, Dress, $50.00

    Starry Pants

    OH MY GOSH, I swear Selena Gomez has a pair of these pants! They look so cool with denim, and better yet they're great to wear when you hang out with your BFFs. 

    Pants, Pavement, $39.95

    Denim Skirt

    Flippy skirts are the best - espesh when they are denim! 

    Seed Heritage, Skirt, $29.95 

    Hearts knit

    How cute is this tee and the fun little love hearts all over it? I am SO going to buy one for me and my bestie so we can wear it all day long!! 

    Top, Cotton on, $16.95 


    P.S: I would love to know what you think of my blog or if you liked the latest issue of TG!


    Tell me in the comments below!


    Kristy x

  • TG's Nickelodeon Challenge: Find Your Special Niche

    by Kristy | Aug 25, 2015

    Hi guys! 

    So, as Mel already told you guys, we’re celebrating the release of the brand-new TV series from Nickelodeon, 100 Things To Do Before High School, by setting ourselves some fun challenges. Since I was second in line, I thought I would have it easy in the challenge department. BUT I WAS SOOO WRONG. My challenge was pretty hard – I had to work out what my niche was!!! OK, so like everyone is special and everyone has a talent, but I had to really dig deep. I was trying to find something out of the ordinary that I was especially good at! Aaagh!

    I decided to ask some friends, workmates and most importantly, my family. The first person interviewed was my dad, and it pretty much went like this.

    Kristy: Dad, what do you think I’m good at?

    Dad: You can make anyone laugh. Even the cat, and he doesn’t speak English! 

    My cat IS pretty smart. And I really do like to have fun and make people laugh. It feels good when people are laughing with me!

    At work, I asked TG’s Lisa what she thinks sets me apart from other fashion stylists. “Well, you know how to make everyone feel comfortable on the TG fashion shoots. You can make people laugh and style an amazing outfit,” she said.

    After hearing that I wanted to high five her a thousand times because I really do love having fun on shoots with you guys, it’s like the best part of my job! ALSO, I think I’m slowly working out what I’m good at.

    I just had to triple-check everyone’s idea of my niche so I asked my BFF Costa ­– she’s also pretty funny. I asked her what she thought made me different to all her other friends and she said “you make me laugh more and louder even though I’m the funnier friend.” Gosh, she is funny!

    I knew it! My niche is being able to make people laugh. I knew I was good at other things and I figured it out! #Winning.

    You guys can to – just make sure you ask the people who know you best!

    Love, KK


    FYI TGs, 100 Things to Do Before High School starts this Saturday, August 29th and will be on Nickelodeon every Saturday from 5pm! 



  • Fashion Obsession: Pink!

    by Lisa | Aug 23, 2016

    Hi guys, 

    Every now and then I will go through a colour phase. During the summer holidays I was loving green, it felt fresh and I could work it into most of my outfits. Right now all I seem to be wearing is pink, which is unlike me but I’m loving it and I’m seeing it everywhere! 

    Here are my fave pink picks to add to your existing essentials! 

    Let me know how you’ll be wearing pink in the comments below!

    Lisa x

    The gold heart is perf!
    Cotton On Kids t-shirt, $16.95

    This bag is quilted and studded! So much goodness!!
    Bardot Junior bag, $39.99

    Your basic with a pink twist
    Target leggings, $6

    For those cool nights this jacket is perf!
    Kmart jacket, $15

    Walk in style
    Cotton On Kids sneakers, $34.95

    Extend pink to your accessories!
    Bardot Junior necklace, $19.99

  • Lisa's Top Layering Picks

    by Lisa | Aug 23, 2016

    Hi guys, 

    One of my favourite things in the world is layering, there are SOOO many outfit options. I’ve shortlisted my layering go-tos to hopefully inspire you! 

    Let me know how you’ll be layering this winter in the comments below. 


    Shearling is super cute and soooo warm!
    Bardot Junior jacket, $59.99

    Your outfit is basically sorted with this ensemble!
    Target pinafore and t-shirt set, $35

    Furry goodness
    Best & Less vest, $30

    Perf for popping under a dress
    Seed Heritage top, $29.95

    Both chic and totally winter appropriate
    Target boots, $25

    You had me at pink poms-poms
    Bardot Junior scarf, $29.95

    Throw these under a dress for extra warmth
    Best & Less leggings, $12

  • My Favourite Florals!

    by Lisa | Feb 24, 2016

    Hi guys, 

    We are soon heading into Autumn, but these first few days are still quite warm. If you’re not ready to let go of the summer feels you shouldn’t have to! And a great way to express that is with floral prints! I really love bold and bright floral pieces, and I tend to wear them all year round! 


    Here are a few of my fave celebs wearing epic florals:

    Taylor Swift Florals

    Taylor always looks perf!


    Dove Cameron florals

    I love a matching two piece – your outfit is sorted!

    Zendaya florals


    Ahhhh check out her pom pom shoes!!


    These pieces will keep my obsession blossoming:

    Floral Dress

    Target dress, $25

    These colours are soooo pretty!


    Floral Pants

    Cotton On Kids pants, $10

    These will keep you warm and are so fashion!

    Floral Shorts

    Best & Less shorts, $10

    Wear these guys with a fun tee or denim shirt!


    Do you love florals as much as I do? Tell me in the comments below!

    L x

  • Kristy's Fave Celeb Outfits!

    by Kristy | Feb 09, 2016

    Hey guys, 


    You know what I love most about fashion? You get to wear all sorts of prints, colours and most importantly, have so much fun! 


    This week, I’ve been loving the cool outfits these celebs have worn. I'd love to know which one is your fave and who your celeb style crush is!

    Zendaya stripes

    How cool is Zendaya's outfit – I love stripes and her new hair cut is off the chain!  

    Selena Gomez   

    Selena Gomez is just rocking it in this RED outfit! The coat and skirt are PERFECT for Valentine's day. 

    Dove Cameron outfit 

    Who doesn't love relaxing in jeans and a T-Shirt – Dove Cameron is totally my new fashion BFF!

    Demi Lovato

    This pink dress is so much fun! I love the colour and cut, and of course Demi's new look.  

    Taylor Swift print dress

    Prints on prints is super cool and our gal Taylor is rocking it! 

    Until next time TGers!


     Kristy xxx

  • Beach Fashion Picks!

    by Lisa | Dec 30, 2015

    Hi guys!

    Heading to the beach is one of my fave things to do during the summer holidays! However I always seem to forget something as soon as I get there! So to make sure you don’t, here are the musts for your day out on the sand and in the water! 


    Cotton On Kids swimming costume, $26.95

    “This print is super cute! Love the pop of metallic."

    Beach Towel

    Cotton On Kids beach towel, $24.95

    “Pineapples are now my favourite fruit!"

    Beach Hat

    Target hat, $15

    “This wide brim hat will protect my face from the sun!"


    Bardot Beach Bag

    Bardot Junior Bag, $39.95

    “Just the right size to store all my beach necessities!"


    Seed Heritage sunglasses, $29.95

    “I’m really loving tortoiseshell this summer!" 


    Kids Sunscreen

    Banana Boat sunscreen, $17.49

    “Sunscreen is a must!"


    Let me know what else you’ll be packing in your beach bag in the comments below!

    L x

  • Metallic Sandal Trends!

    by Lisa | Nov 04, 2015

    Hi guys!


    Finally the sun is making it’s way out and I’m super excited for summer, it’s my fave season! I absolutely love shoes, especially sandals, I wear them with pretty dresses, skirts and shorts. Metallic is making a huge comeback this summer and I am loving all the rich gold and shimmery silver tones! Here are a few of my faves! 

    Metallic Sandals

    Target, $29 – These are sooo cute and super comfy!

    Bronze Sandals


    Target, $29 – These will look spesh with my denim shorts.

    Glitter sandals 

    Seed Heritage, $49.95 – All the glittery goodness!

    Reflective sandals

    Best & Less, $15 – How cool is hologram?

    Lace up gold sandals 

    Cotton On Kids, $24.95 – I love a gladiator sandal!

    Strapped Two Tone Sandals 

    Cotton On Kids, $24.95 – Pink and glitter, what more could I ask for?


    Let me know what you think in the comments below!

    L x