Jessie's Hilarious Story

by Jessie | Dec 02, 2015

Hi guys!


I came on to write this blog because I ABSOLUTELY had to tell you about this hilarious thing that happened to me today!


So, I'm walking home from school with Holly, and there was this super cute dog that was bounding toward us. I was so excited because I love dogs so much! Except he bounded straight past us and around the corner. I wanted to follow him, but Holly said we couldn't because Mum always says we have to walk the exact school path home and not go off anywhere otherwise she won't know where we are. But Holly said we could check just around the corner, like just look - and he was there! 

Jessie's dog

His head was shoved into this bush, and I thought he might be stuck, so I went over to try and pull him out. But I tried and he wouldn't budge! I got a bit worried, and Holly had a turn too and couldn't move him. We were just about to call Mum to see if she knew who we should speak to to come rescue him, when he just popped out on his own and started running little circles around our legs.


I had a look in the bush, and there was plenty of open space - and like, 40 tennis balls! Turns out he was hoarding the tennis balls, and when I went to try and "help" him out of the bushes, he was just digging his paws in coz he thought we were trying to steal all his toys!


OMG, me and Holly laughed for so long I had to sit down on the pavement for a bit. It was so funny! 


Have you ever had a funny story like that happen to you?


Love Jessie


  1. 23 Lovato 03 Dec
    Aww! The puppy looks SO cute! I <3 your AWESOME blog!
  2. 22 Brianna 05 Dec
  3. 21 Brianna 06 Dec
    Yeah. I have! I once when I was walking home from school found a cute kitten running around and it jumped into some bushes so I followed it and it had found a short way to my house. It was my kitten!
  4. 20 sophia 06 Dec
    Um Jessie could u plz  tell how to put up a profile pic :)  I love your blog!!!
  5. 19 Lovato 07 Dec
    My hilar story happened a month ago. I had slept in and when I woke up I suddenly realised that I only had 8 minutes to get to school, so I put on my school uniform in a rush, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and LITERALLY ran to school. Luckily, I wasn't late. Then when my class were doing P.E , my BFF came up to me and told me that my pants were worn backwards IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS! I was mortified. And my BFF never forgot about it. =O  
  6. 18 Surfer Girl 07 Dec
    OMG!! I love puppies (I have an adorbs puppy called Cujo he is a rottweiler!!)
  7. 17 Sophie 08 Dec
    Cool! I love dogs and LOL moments! Thanks for making me smile! I know I can always count on smiles with TG and you, Jessie!
  8. 16 Mia 09 Dec
  9. 15 Lashay 15 Dec
    I love you Jessie,  I love dogs I have one called Roxy it's a girl and a other one called Tonka its a boy GO JESSIE  
  10. 14 Brook 16 Dec
    When are you going to put up another update?!
  11. 13 Jessie 17 Dec
    Guys thanks so much for all your comments, I LOVE hearing about your pets and your stories! Stay tuned, because I've got another update coming for you guys really soon...
  12. 12 Rose 17 Dec
    Dog sooooo cuuute
  13. 11 Emma 18 Dec
    OMG!! I found a baby possum trying to climb a tree!!! We named him 'Sasha' we took him to the vet and now he is ok💜❤️💜
  14. 10 Stella 18 Dec
  15. 9 Laticia 19 Dec
    that is so cool and cute!
  16. 8 Zoe 21 Dec
    Once on the way home from work my dad found a turtle on the road so he put it in his car and when he got home he put it in our pond. Now we have a pet turtle!
  17. 7 Jessica 22 Dec
    OMG That is such a funny story! :) My story is that once there was an echidna in our yard and my dad put it up near our neighbour's dam. Now we have a pet echidna!!!! :) :) :)
  18. 6 Kristie 25 Dec
    We had a dog run up to my sister and I once. We took him home as he didn't have an owner nearby. Mum checked his collar and called the owner. Sis was sad cause she had bonded with the dog. Lol
  19. 5 Gwen 28 Dec
    OMTG that is super cute!
  20. 4 Natalie 30 Jan
    So Cute! I Wish I Could Keep That Cute Puppy!!


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