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HARRY STYLES - Jazmin Totally Embarrassing one day when i was in grade 2 teacher went to outside the classroom to grab her bag when she came all my other classmates were making noises running around the classroom then teacher said who wants to get out of the classroom i didnt listen what teacher said and i said me all my classmates were laughing - Hooriya ✨Total girl is amazing✨ - Summer Total girl is the best - Sarah I just entered some contests i I hope I win 😫🤞 - Ella Hi Total Girl, Your mag's are amazing! I started collecting them this year! I have been so grateful for your mag! Tell the team I say hi! - Japhar- - Japhar My sister Isabelle loves these so I do and I can’t wait to see the Cinderella 🤩🤩🤩🥇😇 - sophia saty safe everyone and have a good haloween.Love ur mag TG - Zoe Give a shout-out to Beth (myself), Lilly and Arielle! We are all so obsessed with total girl! Stay safe, be strong and keep being amazing 🙂 - Elizabeth I would like to give a shout-out to my dog Minnie - Immy ??

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