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Hey Total Girl! I love your mags they're so inspiring keep making them! - Ivy love total girl! never stop making them********* - Clara Hi TG, I love all of your mags they are sooooo amazing 🤩 and fun. - Cora I love total girl when I go to the shop sometimes and there’s one total girl that I hide it and then get it next times I absolutely love total girl because I love seeing what you guys put in the magazines - Millie Luv you TG! - Grace I love you and Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!! - Molly Hi Total Girl, you rule 💜 - Natarsha I love your mags there the best I always get every issue - Jasmine Hi TG! I love your mag! Shout out to all my friends! Keep on trying your best TGs! ❤️🔥 - Celeste Shout out to my fave animal Sid also I LOVE ur mags!!!!!!!!! - Grace

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