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Love the latest issue of total girl . # awesome - grace I just entered some contests i I hope I win 😫🤞 - Ella Hi TG! I am ur #1 fan!!!!! I am still waiting to see if i have won the Cruella Prize pack from a few issues ago! If i win it will put the biggest smile on my face. Love ya! - Mia My sister Isabelle loves these so I do and I can’t wait to see the Cinderella 🤩🤩🤩🥇😇 - sophia I love your magazine’s♥️ . Charlie - Charlie To my BFF Lilly l loved your birthday - Athena I love you guys - Mikayla Love your mags TG - Mackenzie hey tg, have a happy halloween! - chelsea saty safe everyone and have a good haloween.Love ur mag TG - Zoe

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