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Hi TG! I love your mags! Shoutout to my BFFs Luella, Maddie and Livina I love you guys so much - Ella Thank you for putting me in the magazines Jan and Feb, my bday is on the 3 of feb so can you please put a millie Bobby brown poster in the March issue, it would be so nice of you!😁😁😁😁 - Yasmin shout out to all the people that love dogs!!!!! - Autumn Shout out to my BFF Myah u r the best friend I could ever ask for - Emily Shoutout to TG. Keep up the good work! Never Give Up! Love Ya - Zara Please never stop making Total Girl! - Emily I LOVE UR MAGS TG!!! love, Laurel (PS my b'day's in September! i'll be 10!! you're awesome!!!) - Laurel Hello everyone! It is my birthday tomorrow I am 12! I can't wait! TG CAN U PLZ DO A SEGMENT ON SOCCER MAYBE THE MATILDAS? Thank you - Charmae OMTG!!!!! This my fave magazine and will 4eva and eva!!!! - Sadie Aww man school is on at least i get to see my freinds - Sophie