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How To Read Palms

How To Read Palms

Learn your future from this cool guide…

So, you’ve read our awesome story on fortune telling in the April edition of TG and you want more? Welcome!

Here’s some more info on palmistry, which we’re sure you’ve mastered by now.

Palm reading

We’ve already shown you how to interpret the life line in the mag (check page 57), but here is a refresher!



-It’s long and deep, you have heaps of energy.

-A semi-circle, you’re a strong character.

-There’s a break, you’ll have a big change in your life at some point.

Here are the rest!


If it:

-Begins under your index finger, you are very content.

-Begins under the middle finger, you can be naïve and gullible.

-Touches your life line, you’re very sensitive.

-Is long and curvy, you’re good at expressing emotion.


If it’s:

-Deep, fate is very important in your life.

-Broken, external forces will have a big part in your life.

-Starting at the thumb, family and friends are very important to you.


If it’s:

-Short – you like exercise and being healthy.

-Curved – you’re creative.

-Wavy – you don’t pay attention very well.

-Straight – you’re a strong thinker.

What does your palm say about you? Tell us in the comments below!


This is really freaky cos I do have a strong character, I am good at expressing emotion and I don't pay attention very well !
13/4/2016 2:39:36 AM
This is pretty 🆒! I am going to see what my bro thinks of it😂
31/3/2016 7:28:14 AM
From what this says i'm, A strong character, good at expressing emotion, fate is important in my life and i'm creative. Nice!
31/3/2016 2:53:53 AM
I have a question Total Girl, I have this long straight line across my right hand but why?
26/3/2016 7:41:37 AM
I think I am a life line and a head line.
23/3/2016 7:20:29 PM
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