These sneaky tips will be sure to save you time and make life easier! We have chosen four simple ways to get more out of life:

Strawberry Life Hack. Photo: Getty Images

Strawberries are a yummy snack, so try removing the pesky stems by poking a straw through the end, from the bottom to the top. The leafy bit will pop off the top of the strawberry!

Bubblegum Hair Life Hack. Photo: Getty Images

OMTG! Do you have gum stuck in your hair? Grab an ice-cube from the freezer and apply it to the area, it will harden the gum making it easier to remove!

Wet iPhone Life Hack. Photo: Getty Images

Nothing is worse than dropping your trusty MP3 player or iPod in water, you might be able to save it by asking Mum or Dad to put it in a zip-lock bag with some rice. Fingers crossed!

Flip Flops Life Hack. Photo: Getty Images

This summer take a moment to put some bread bag ties on the bottom of your flip flops, between the sole and the strap and save them from coming apart at the beach!