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Astro Girl Monthly Horoscopes: October

Astro Girl Monthly Horoscopes: October

Find our what the stars have in store for you this month!
The stars have spoken! Here’s what the month of October holds for you based on your star sign…
Let go of that which you can’t control and hold onto your hat because there’s going to be A LOT of changes this month. It’s not bad though so try to embrace what's coming and be prepared by making sure all your chores are done!

The air you breathe this month is fun and playful, thanks to the Sun ruling your zone. You have confidence to spare and wherever you go you'll be sure to light up the room.

Your mood could be subject to change without warning this month. But keep in mind this can sometimes be a blessing in disguise; it’s just a sign to help us! Simply press pause and take time to relax.

Are you sometimes ~too~ caught up in making things perfect? This month you’ll learn an important lesson about not sweating the small stuff. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard on your homework or art project, but it does mean you shouldn’t ignore others while doing them!

This month you’ll learn to ~really~ roll up your sleeves and work hard! Joining forces with others (hey siblings!) is going to be the key to success. Remember, working smarter, not harder, and you’ll have more time for the fun stuff.

Uh oh, this month might be a ~little~ tricky with communication thanks to the Mercury leaving your sign. If a friend or family member gets annoyed at something you’ve said, just take a deep breath, smile and explain where you’re coming from.

Fights with siblings? Misunderstandings with friends? WAH NO! But don’t worry, some curveballs might be sent your way but you know exactly how to handle any drama with grace. Your mantra this month should be: "You got this."

Teamwork vibes are BIG BIG BIG this month. Don’t go it alone, ask a friend, parent, sibling, cousin or even a TG team member to help you in a task. The stars say this will mean anything you try is a success.

Exciting friendships and collaborations could be on your horizon this month. And that goes for real-life AND online! Your social life is going to totally take off because you’ll ace playing well with others.

Spread your wings, Capricorn! The sky is the limit this month as you start putting into motion your dreams. Want to be a writer or artist one day? You’ll start practicing your creativity and find EXACTLY the right place for your art.

You’re craving adventure this month and that’s exactly what you’re going to get! Sitting at home is simply not an option so ask your ‘rents to organise a picnic with your friends, go on a bike ride with your sibling or start a wish list of countries you want to travel to.

What makes you super-duper, want-to-jump-on-the-bed happy? Go after that feeling this month! Those happy vibes will find you too, but the most important thing is that you share that joy with your nearest and dearest.

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