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Total Girl is the best thing I have ever read my sister gets them each month after she has finished reading them I would get them and spend hours reading them. Keep making them please they are so good GO TG - Bella Guys do you know when the prize winners get announced? - Matilda I LOVE TOTAL GIRL IT IS THE BEST THING EVER - Bella heyyyyyyyyy can u do a mag with ariana grande lol eeee.eeeee - Eva please I wanna win a prize - Molly I like totally embarrassing and I've been reading Total Girl from this past Easter. - Christina I love TG - Gemma i might get a puppy - REMY Hey I love ur mags but I can't find out were to get the comp up on the web site guys 😭☹ help me out pls😋 - Shayla I love your mags so much, they have entertained me so much and kept me entertained when my state was in lockdown recently!! I love you guys so much! My fave actor is Thomas Brodie-Sangster <3 - Ella