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Unboxing Crystal Snow Globes

Rosie unboxes the Nebulous Stars Crystal Snow Globes.

These crystal globes light up and sparkle! Customise your globe with the included scenery pieces, glitter powder and sequins. They are great fun to assemble, and they make amazing bedroom decorations. Plus, this set comes with Iceanaโ€™s complete story, so you can get to know one of the many Nebulous Stars characters!


Check out the Nebulous Stars Origami Lanterns and Previous Time Hourglass unboxings!

Tags:   craft diy unboxing


I love snow globes I hope i win the prize
8/5/2021 11:09:48 AM
Ii really hope I win this because you get cool pics to put in there. I would love to have them in my room because i love room decorations!!!!
15/4/2021 8:52:45 AM
I canโ€™t wait to see it I won one of these awesome Nebulous Stars kits
11/4/2021 2:02:46 PM
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