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hello to everyone watching this! I love TG its the best mag ever its been a lifesaver during lock down and i cant wait for future issues!! :) - maddy I wish I could be in total girl - annabel I LOVE TOTAL GIRL - annabel i really hope i win - amber 😊i love total girl mags💕💖 - amber Great mags tg - Penny Hey total girl I would love the next mag to have one or two zombies 1 or 2 characters on it I would love it - Mia I LOVE SOPHIA CARSON - annabel Shout out to my dog Dharmi ❤️🐶🐾 - Maddy Hi total girl! Im Hunter and I live in sydney! I have a sister and I really miss my cousins because they live in melbour and I can’t see then during covid! All I ask is to include me in girl talk and add in a HUGE decendants poster into the next magazine! I also ask to give a shoutout to my cousins Neve and Lila who love your mags if not the same then more than me! Thanks so much for making these awsome mags! LOVE FROM A VERY BIG FAN HUNTER! - Hunter For Live who always supports me and keeps my secrets. We have so much fun together 😁❤️- Ally - Ally

Cute! How to make DIY Origami Lanterns

Rosie takes a look at this awesome DIY origami lantern kit by Nebulous Stars.

All you need to craft DIY lanterns is inside the box, including batter-powered LED string lights, printed origami sheets, stickers, rhinestones and instructions. Plus, this set comes with Eclipsia’s complete story, so you can get to know one of the many Nebulous Stars characters!

Check out the Nebulous Precious Time Hourglass and Crystal Snow Globes unboxings!



I would like to have my embarrassing moment in the total girl magazine thanks
15/5/2021 5:39:30 PM
I've never done orgarme before but it looks very fun xoxo Amira
7/5/2021 3:24:24 PM
Want this!! pls give it to me!!! plssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!1
15/4/2021 9:01:30 AM
love it so pretty
29/3/2021 8:18:02 AM
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