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HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW ZOOBLES THERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Alita If it's just one person that sees this, stay strong during lockdown. WE WILL FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS TOGETHER - Emily Total girl is the best magazine EVER! Anyone who comes across it should pick it up and buy it. My favourite part is the comps club. - Clara I wish I could be in total girl - annabel I love your mags I’m Obsessed With it i have been reading your mags for 1 year - Harper I just started collecting these today and they are absolutely amazing 😊 - Annabelle hello to everyone watching this! I love TG its the best mag ever its been a lifesaver during lock down and i cant wait for future issues!! :) - maddy Hi total girl! Im Hunter and I live in sydney! I have a sister and I really miss my cousins because they live in melbour and I can’t see then during covid! All I ask is to include me in girl talk and add in a HUGE decendants poster into the next magazine! I also ask to give a shoutout to my cousins Neve and Lila who love your mags if not the same then more than me! Thanks so much for making these awsome mags! LOVE FROM A VERY BIG FAN HUNTER! - Hunter OMG can I be in a total girl magazine - Eva pls put billie eilish on the next mag cover - Isabella

Unboxing The Bumper Craft Issue

Our February issue is the Bumper Craft Issue of Total Girl Magazine!

Who is the coolest of them all? Sofia Carson, of course! We caught up with the actress and singer to chat about Ari, Zendaya, and her favourite Descendants memories. There is also a super easy Evie’s notebook DIY to try!

The winners of our Shine like a Star with Pandora competition are announced in this issue. We share the stories of our major winner, runner up, along with some special mentions. Sah proud of you, TGs!

TG’s Bumper Craft issue has 20 projects. Try your hand at BFF necklaces, custom book covers, cute eye masks and more. Plus, Team TG puts viral video hacks to the test. We have all seen our fair share of art hack vids, but do they actually work? It’s all the inspo you need to get creative and crafting.

We know you love posters! We have cool hang-ups of Camila Cabello, Katy Perry, Trollstopia and more. There mini posters showing the most adorbs pets. You could even say they are paw-fect. LOL!

The February issue is on sale now, and comes with a FREE* Magic Unicorn Keycharm. There are two to collect. Let us know what you got in the comments below!


Total fan... Will we be seeing who won the competitions for January?
29/1/2021 4:10:36 PM
Hi Rosie I love your glam sections in the magz.
25/1/2021 7:04:11 PM
Hey Zara, I know I am not a TG, but anyway, go on gmail and email them with the heading you like which in your case, girl talk
21/1/2021 4:38:17 PM
Hey Zara, I know I am not a TG, but anyway, go on gmail and email them with the heading you like which in your case, girl talk
21/1/2021 4:38:00 PM
Hi, how do I enter in for Girl Talk also can Addison Rae be on the next book cover? Keep up the good work!
19/1/2021 2:25:02 PM
TG's Rosie
Hey Daisy! It should be available in Tas now :D Rosie xo
19/1/2021 12:02:13 PM
HI, why is the Feb issue not available in Tas yet?
18/1/2021 10:10:47 AM
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