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Unboxing The So Fresh Issue

Our January issue is the So Fresh Issue of Total Girl Magazine!

At the top of fresh list, we have our cover star Loren Gray. The singer, who so happens to be the fourth-most followed person on TikTok, reveals what it’s like being friends with Taylor Swift, introduces us to her adopted pets and heaps more in this TG exclusive!

The Croods 2 hits cinemas this summer! The world’s first family is back and this time they’re jumping into the New Age. We take a look at characters both old and new, giving you a rundown of what to expect from this hilarious animated flick. Could you survive the New Age? Try your hand at our The Croods themed quiz!

Get ready for The Witches! TG chats to the stars behind the wicked new movie adaption of the Roald Dahl book, including fab actress Anne Hathaway.

There is heaps of fresh entertainment to check out – books, games and a whole lot of music. Plus, plenty of cool posters with the likes of Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, Sheppard and more!

The January issue is on sale now, and comes with a FREE* Jelly Friends Series 3 squishy. There are four sets to collect. Let us know what you got in the comments below!
*Available with Australian newsstand sales only!


I like this I haven’t read this magazine so I might go and get it at the shop so thank you for some good support and ideas I’ll do on like this holidays it’s gonna be great
25/3/2021 8:08:32 AM
Hi! Your magazine is awesome!!!
4/1/2021 12:09:10 PM
Omg this is awesome
24/12/2020 2:51:06 PM
TG's Rosie
Hi Annabelle, Yay! I hope you like the new issue! Rosie x
21/12/2020 9:15:59 PM
This is the best
21/12/2020 5:45:07 PM
I love your mag and Ariana Grande!!!!
21/12/2020 5:42:13 PM
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