New glam minis - smells so good!

by | Mar 09, 2020
Hey TGs! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend? Tell me what you got up to in the comments below! 

OK, so I love mini glam products - not only are they super useful when it comes to packing for an overnight trip, or even packing for school and sport, but something about a product being mini just makes it sah cute! 

Guess what?! I got to test out the entire range of mini Batiste dry shampoos. And yep, they were cute! 

Batiste 1

Who knew there were so many scents to collect?! I'm a fan of the original scent - smells so fresh! I also love the 'Tropical' one coz it has hints of yummy coconut. Mmm...

Batiste 2

What's dry shampoo for:
A spritz of this will refresh your hair between washes! 

How to use it:
  • Separate your hair into sections and spray the dry shampoo into your roots. Hold the can about 10-15 cms away from your head, kinda like hairspray. 
  • Use your fingers to massage the powder into your hair. Some dry shampoos can leave white, powdery marks so make sure to massage this in. 
  • Gently brush out your hair from tips to roots! 

 If you read our March issue, you'll see we included it in our Back to School glam survival kit, along with some other cool prods!

Batiste 3

Do you use dry shampoo? Let me know in the comments! 

Speak soon, 
Rosie x 


  1. 6 Sarah 13 Mar
    I sometimes use dry shampoo and when I do, it is usually in a time of need. Hardly but sometimes I forget to wash my hair and I start stressing because my hair looks gross and I am having to go to school that day. So my mum usually brings out our Batiste dry shampoo that we use for hair emergency's and helps me rub it through my hair. I tend feel a lot more confident going to school knowing that I have nice hair that day. I don't know what I would do if my mum didn't have an emergency bottle of it! 
  2. 5 TG's Rosie 17 Mar
    Hey Sarah, 
    I totally agree - I keep a bottle of dry shampoo in the bathroom for those hair emergencies. I'm sure your hair doesn't look gross at all! But it is a nice feeling when you can freshen your hair a little bit, especially when you're running late for school! 

    Love, Rosie x 
  3. 4 Zoe 02 Apr
    Same I love the fresh feeling of dry shampoo and it is fantastic if your in a rush! I highly recommend it.
    From Zoe
    P.S. I love Total Girl you are amazing!
  4. 3 TG's Rosie 14 Apr
    Hey Zoe, 
    It's soooo good if you're in a rush! 
    Awww, thank you for being such an awesome reader. We hope you like the new issue that's out! Dove Cameron is on the cover.  😍

    Rosie xx
  5. 2 Jemma 29 Apr
    They are sooo cute! I tried a couple of them out and I would highly recommend the tropical one!
    Also thanks so much for publishing my letter in the latest issue!😀
  6. 1 TG's Rosie 16 May
    Hey Jemma, 

    Oooh, yes the tropical one smells super nice.
    No worries, thank you for writing to us! Say hello to Figi and Coco for us! 😀

    Rosie x


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