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Hi, I'm Poppy and I love the mags Total Girl, keep up the great work!!! - Poppy NEVER STOP MAKING TG MAGS!I LOVE THEM ! - Gabriella I love you TG I started buying your books in 2020 September from Mikayla 10 - Mikayla hi I LOVE your mags please give me more - Smitha Hi everyone I'm poppy! Have an awesome day guys!!! - Poppy These mags ar The best Norah - Smitha HI TG!!! Could you please have an interview with the Jonas Brothers? It would make my day - Tess Hi - Olivia Hello everyone! It is my birthday tomorrow I am 12! I can't wait! TG CAN U PLZ DO A SEGMENT ON SOCCER MAYBE THE MATILDAS? Thank you - Charmae shout out to all the people that love dogs!!!!! - Autumn