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I love the dress on slide 8
4/10/2021 7:38:02 PM
i like the 4th and 5th look the best!
16/9/2021 10:55:18 AM
Dove is such an icon! Look at all those people on slide 11!
16/8/2021 5:33:04 PM
Dove is looking so fabbb
12/7/2021 2:50:03 PM
Wow there amazing I love them my lil sis loves Dove I love sofia .c can there be some more sofia .c please
15/5/2021 9:24:16 PM
18/4/2021 5:56:59 PM
Whoa that dress is amaze 🤩
5/3/2021 9:20:10 PM
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