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Hi - Olivia Hey tg I love your mags -gracie💖 - Gracie CUTE!!! - Irene Please never stop making Total Girl! - Emily Hi - Anne I have a shout out to my BFF Hana.T she has been my friend from when I was six and I’m eleven (basically) and she has always been there for me but she moved to the gap so it was heartbreaking and I cried and it was her birthday on the 14th and I love her so much she’s my best friend ever and is one of two friends I have.❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Olivia Aww man school is on at least i get to see my freinds - Sophie I love reading Total Girl! - Sophie Hi I love your magazines I’m am a big fan - Matilda I want to have a big shout out to all the hard working healthcare workers who put their lives in danger to save ours bless you all!! - Sibby

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