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Total girl Always keeps me occupied, I read TG for hours over and over again! - Koa shoutout to the tg creators and my bffs sophie ruby and stella! - Jade Hello TG :D. I Love April’s copy of TG. Can you pretty pls put Mary- Kate , Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen on the cover of TG - Maddi - Maddi I love total girl and looking at their stuff - phoebe I LOVE LOVE CHALI D AMELIO - Hannah I love everyone stay safe and stay strong 💪🏻 🖤 - Shaikha Looooooooove you total girl!!!!!!!!!! I'm your biggest fan!!! - Lillian Ty for being the bestest friend ruby! -Mardi - Mardi shout out to my bestie who has cancer you rock girl!!!! - Blue Ivy I LUV CHARLI D AMELIO AND I LUV U - Hannah

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