Going back to school is totes exciting because it means a whole new season of sport! If you’re thinking of joining a football team (aka soccer!) and want to go into the season strong, check out our top tips.


  1. Always want the ball. Chase after it, try your best to make the best passes with it and take it the furthest up the field. If you make mistakes, don’t worry! Keep chasing after the ball and you’ll get better.
  2. Practice your passes. The easiest way is to start small – practice short passes, and then practice your long passes. Then if you’re feeling really advanced, you can practice long, lofty passes!
  3. When setting up a shot for goal, shoot wide and low. If you keep this in mind instead of shooting high, you’ll have a better chance because it’s harder for the keeper to block. About 60% of shots in a game of football are scored low, and almost 70% in one of the corners!
  4. When you get the ball, try to avoid running towards lots of people, and if there’s no escape, pass it to a team member quickly. That way you can open the field and avoid losing the ball to the other team!
  5. Learn to work as a team. Look out for your other players, defend for them and watch for the space when your team member has the ball. Together, you’ll be unstoppable!


Do you have any good football tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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