Always doing embarrassing things? We're here to help! Check out the best tips for handling embarrassing situations!

The Sitch: You’ve fallen face-first on the ground in front of your friends. 
The Fix: Uh oh! You might be face-first on the ground but take a second to breathe 
and compose yourself. You must remember that people fall over all the time and the 
only way to handle this embarrassing situation is to slowly get up, dust yourself off 
and have a laugh. A joke like, “Gee! That was a quick trip! Sorry I didn’t send any 
postcards” will go down well and will show people you’re able to see the bright side 
of things! 

The Sitch: You’ve just spilled a drink all over your Mum's posh friend. 
The Fix: It’s okay! Breathe! The first thing you should do is tell them how sorry 
you are because you really didn’t intend for it to happen. Calmly offer to help clean their clothes, grab them some tissues and maybe a damp cloth. Remember, accidents happen and if you've apologised and tried to help, you're in the clear. Voila! Sitch handled. 
The Sitch: You’ve accidentally let one rip, and uh, it’s a little louder than you 

The Fix: Farting is totally natural but it’s still really gross! The best you can hope for 
is a SBD (silent but deadly) but if that doesn’t work in your favour, we’ve listed a few 
ways to react to this embarrassing sitch: 


  1. Blame it on the seating by saying something like, “Wow! These leather seats 
    sure are noisy!” Just make sure you aren’t standing up or sitting on a wooden 
  2. Pretend to be so grossed out so that no one will guess it was you. “OMTG do 
    you smell that? That is SO gross! Who would do that?” 
  3. Blame it on the person nearest to you or on your pet. “It was the dog” is a 
    great line that will get you out of most things. 

Do YOU have any tips for handling an embarrassing situation? Let us know in the comments!