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TG's Most Embarrassing Moments!

TG's Most Embarrassing Moments!

The Total Girl team spill about the times that made them blush!
Our December issue of Total Girl is the embarrassing issue! So we decided to go around and ask the team to tell their most embarrassing moment ever!
There are some absolutely hilarious ones - can you guess who showed her Finding Nemo undies at a party?
Watch here:

What's your most embarrassing moment TGs? Tell us in the comments below, or submit your blush moment here and yours could be featured in the mag!


I was at a holiday with my God sister's and we went to a playground. I was on a large seesaw with 1 of my God sister's and I went to get off but as I did my pants fell down! It was so embarrasing but the most embarrasing part was when my God sister yelled out Sonneys pants fell down!It was totally embarrasing!!
17/5/2021 5:36:18 PM
Once I was rock climbing for my first time and when I came down I landed on someone’s head while he was talking to some one!
20/4/2021 2:00:31 PM
You do NOT want to know.
16/3/2021 9:44:59 AM
When I was going to get an award, I fell and hit my head really hard on the stairs. Everyone was laughing!
3/3/2021 6:15:58 PM
When I was going to get an award, I fell and hit my head really hard on the stairs. Everyone was laughing!
3/3/2021 6:15:26 PM
I was looking for an alarm sound for the morning and then my sis found one of my SINGING CLIPS! There was about five different clips of me singing one song! OMTG I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! From this day forth, she sings that song OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
12/1/2021 3:15:12 PM
OMG. I would be crying . I have not had super embarrassing story before
17/12/2015 6:11:28 AM
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