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To my bestie Sophia! You have helped me loads in isolation! - Amelia omg what do i do ive lost my mag with me in omtg!!!!! - Sophie i <3 TG - Sophie I love your mags sooo much. My fav celeb is Dove Cameron and love her role mal in descendants. I’m really looking forward to Decedents the royal wedding - Annie ~✨✨Stay safe and healthy!! Go get some excercise and drink LOTS and LOTS of water!! <33 ✨✨~ - Carrie <3 A BIG THANKS TO MY BESTIE IZZY! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. BUM HOLE - Millie your mags are soo awesome!!!!! - lilly hi total girl l have read you mags for as long as l can remember now and l would love to see more total embracing :) - peppa l love your mags there the best obviously and a big shout out to my friends - peppa hi - Mykayle
OMG, Team TG's Totally Embarrassing Stories! | Watch

OMG, Team TG's Totally Embarrassing Stories! | Watch

TG's R-Squared spill the top Totally Embarrassing stories!
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R-Squared, a.k.a Rosie and Rebekah, spills TG's top Totally Embarrassing stories ranging from mags made in 2003 - 2015! R-Squared might also share some of their own embarrassing stories too...

Do you have a Totally Embarrassing story to share? Email your story to with the subject line 'Totally Embarrassing' to be possibly featured in the mag or comment below! 


I was at school playing footy with my friends and had just rained so it was really muddy our teacher had told us not to go near the mud but I did and fell into the mud and their was no pants that fit me so it had looked looked like I had pooped my pants
29/8/2021 12:57:46 PM
So i was at our family friends house 🏡 i was really nervous to talk to one of my mums friends so instead of saying hi mrs stokes i said hi daddy
22/7/2021 4:32:40 PM
So I was getting changed at school after swimming and I realized I forgot my t-shirt and I had to walk back to class with a towel around myself!
6/7/2021 4:24:11 PM
The day I told my crush I liked him there was other people there including him, what happened was everyone was bugging me to tell them who my crush so I told them and it was a big mistake in the end!
24/6/2021 8:19:35 PM
I sent mine in i hope its featured in the magazine
6/6/2021 12:31:35 PM
27/5/2021 7:35:20 PM
Ok so this is What happened. So I was at school one day and the bell to go play had just gone. I went out to play and I see my crush on the oval. My bff wanted to tell something and as soon as she started talking she made me laugh. I started peeing my pants right in front of my crush I ran straight to the girls bathroom, so embarrassing.
15/5/2021 5:49:30 PM
So this happened this year. So I have a crush on my neighbor who I thinks likes my ex bff. So when we were friends I was dared to do a backflip but I cant. So I did try and fell backwards and hit my head OMTG! I acted I was good but I felt like crying LOL C U
23/4/2021 4:52:56 PM
Once when I was little I went to a farm to milk a cow. For some reason I went behind the cow . And....💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 . Luckily I was wearing gumboots but this cute boy at the farm laughs everything we go back!!!! Keeva🥰😍🤩
15/4/2021 6:03:14 PM
In class, we were doing a liturgy for Easter and my biggest crush in the whole intire world wasn’t doing it. I started to star at him and I stopped the whole class from dancing. OMTG! So embarrassing. Pls don’t make me go to school. PLS
12/4/2021 5:20:18 PM
At school one day in class my pens were falling off the desk so I decided to move it.When I was moving the desk I pushed so hard that I let out a big fart.I was sitting next to my crush and it was so loud and embarrassing. OMTG
11/4/2021 2:17:37 PM
I feel so bad yet so lucky at the same time because the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me is ... wait for it to I fainted at school in front of my crush who bty is like a year younger than me
8/4/2021 2:52:02 PM
So as I was walking to school I bumped into my biggest crush in the WHOLE SCHOOL!!!!!, and worse I dropped my books and that made me look like a nerd collecting them up Totally embarrassing. Then when I walked to calls I saw my teacher and she was soo mad at me I could stare at her all day, then I sat down like nothing ever happened and... THE PRINCIPAL WALKED IN AND CALLED MY NAME!!!!!!. My crush had told on me! Well at least I don't like him anymore.. he's a jerk
3/4/2021 6:06:11 PM
I hugged a stranger I thought was my dad once. It was so embarro because must have thought I was his daughter. He said "Come on, Marnie!" I ran away and he looked at me like "Who are you?" I eventually found my dad at the cake stall, typical...
29/3/2021 5:53:18 PM
i got the 1st 3 issues
26/3/2021 12:15:58 PM
I was at school and then all of a sudden my skirt fell off the whole grade was watching l was soooooo embarrassing!!😩
22/3/2021 9:07:54 PM
I was in the car and we were going to pick up my best friend When she got in I thought she was a stranger so I ran out of the car but it was to late they drove off without me so I saw my crush and said daddy and he was like say whaaaaaaa I was 18 btw omtg sahhhhhh embarrassing 😳
12/3/2021 2:05:44 PM
That's so cool that you went through some of your old issues! I actually own quite a few old ones from 2011 onwards. But it was really fun hearing from you guys and some of your embarrassing stories!
12/3/2021 12:39:06 AM
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