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Hey rybka twin love you guys - Aleika I just bought the Ariana Grande one and I fell in love with the slime that there was. I was wondering if you could put slimes in the next few magazines with different gems to collect! - Lucie you rock guys keep it up! - Monica PLS PLS PLS put Taylor swift or Lisa Kudrow in ur mag.Luv them, Luv u!-Bella - Bella Hi total girl.I am from Bangladesh.i love your comps - Zakia hi im a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Emma Henlo - Ch I love TG soooooooo much that I started collecting them every month, my book shelf is full of TG magazines.LoL - Cayley Shout out to everyone at TG for being amazing!! 🤩 Could you please please please put Millie Bobby Brown on the cover or even on a poster? She is my favorite celeb and it would mean the world to me! ❤️ - Penelope I LUV CHARLI D AMELIO AND I LUV U - Hannah