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Totally Embarrassing: Blush of the Month!

Totally Embarrassing: Blush of the Month!

Hey TGs! Have you read July's Blush of the Month? We asked TG's video and animation intern Audrey to turn this hilar story into a cool cartoon!
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Love at first fart 

In music class, I was holding the microphone down at my side and I thought it was off. Well, I accidentally farted and it made a big noise and it went through all the speakers! My crush was standing next to me and I started crying and he said into the microphone, "Don't make fun of her, it was me, I farted!" I ran out of the class and so did my crush!

Anonymous TG reader


What he did was sooo cute. He must really like you ❤️
14/10/2021 5:11:48 PM
Wow you’re crush sounds so nice but it still sounds embarrassing what did you say afterwards
12/10/2021 5:31:41 PM
Your crush was so nice though but I would still be very embarrassed 😳.
4/10/2021 7:26:07 PM
How cute of your crush😍😍😍😍😍
1/10/2021 6:13:46 PM
your crush sounds really nice
30/9/2021 4:21:12 PM
Omtg that is soo embarrasing but really how kind of your crush though.
30/9/2021 2:44:01 PM
OMTG! That’s so embarrassing. If I was there I will say Oof!
30/9/2021 6:26:25 AM
Thats so nice of yor crush though...
24/9/2021 1:39:24 PM
Omtg! I would be sooooooo embarrassed if that happened to me as well! Hope you are over it now!
17/9/2021 1:47:27 PM
so funny! I have one that I may post!!This: Totally Embarrassing. Page is hilar I love when they share it
13/9/2021 6:54:56 PM
13/9/2021 5:43:56 PM
I was in prep it was lunch time I was hanging with my bestie and my crush came up to me and told me to go with him so me being the girl who ofc want o with there crush I said yes but my bestie said don’t go. But I did and all of my crush’s friends were watching us and he kissed me I was like… wowwww I l-l-like you he said it was a dare and I got so upset
10/9/2021 12:21:14 PM
OMG OMG OMG! something like that had happened to me and honestly, I would’ve felt like moving out the country! LOL BUT OMG!
8/9/2021 6:26:00 PM
Charlotte and Ellimae
Omg thats so embro
8/9/2021 6:23:51 PM
That's so annoying
8/9/2021 5:46:11 PM
That's so annoying , I feel very bad.
8/9/2021 5:45:29 PM
i feel so bad for you
8/9/2021 1:35:46 PM
7/9/2021 3:46:13 PM
7/9/2021 1:23:37 PM
I wouldn't want that to happen to me. :(
7/9/2021 10:35:26 AM
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