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Hi I’m Sylvie I wonder what’s in that mystery box 📦 - Sylvie Big shout out to TG for sending me a prize as a competition winner! And big shout out to my BFF Livinia! - Paris Yasssss I luv Billie eyelashhhhh! From ur number 1 fan Rita 🥳🤩🥲🥲😆😛😛🙂😝😝😃🤓🤓😊😊😌😌😁 - Rita Hi I have been reading TG since forever. I would love a shout out!! You guys rock! - Betty LUV yr Mags :D - Jackie I love your magazine’s they are the best.-Lil - Lil These Mags Are Awesome - Melissa I love all your guy magozine.I especially love the posters.Please give me a sout out. - Rubi Be strong, be kind, and you'll be loved. - Jade i have been buying your mags for 3 years know and it is amazing how good they are!!!!! - Amelia

totally embarrassing