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Hi I’m Lily just wanted to say thank you to my bffs for being there for me all the time ❤️ - Lily hi you magazines are so fun and keep me entertained for hours. - Ella I am just of 14 and i like this web - Nidhi I LOVE TOTAL GIRL. Can you PLEASE put Robert Pattinson on the front page!!!!! PLEASE thank you soooo much - Zoe I love these mags! Shoutout to my BFFs, willow, Lucy, Kate ,lucy, lily and Natalie! Thanks so much for being my BFFs! Happy new year TGs - Niamh you guys are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - summer Cobra kai is the best!!! - Daisy Hi lizzy! I'm nwe to here i hope we can be good freinds - antonia Hi I love total girl and just have a good day - Kiana Hi - Harper

totally embarrassing