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I love TG!!! It’s so good!!! - Sophia Hi TG! I love your mag! Shout out to all my friends! Keep on trying your best TGs! ❤️🔥 - Celeste HEY TG IM AMELIA AND LOOOOVEE YOUR MAGZ AND HOPE YOU CAN DO YOUR MAGS FOR A LONG TIME TO COME :) - Amelia Da cat :) Hi TG, I’m Amelia I love your mags and hope to win Something or be In your totally amazing mag UwU also shoutout to Amanda, Maddie, Khloe, Madilyn, Imogen and all my other friends DA CAT OUT - Amelia I love TG so much and I would love to send a shout out to my dog “One” ❤️ - Georgia Love you guys at TG, thanks for making COVID lockdown so much fun!! I can’t tell you enough about how much you helped me and everyone else ! 💜☺️🥰🤩🏡🌺🔒 - Matilda Bee kind Bee you Bee friendly and let's save out bees! - Asimina You are beautiful just the way you are😀❤ - Asimina Your mag rocks. - Amber I’m so inspired by what you give away , you are so generous ,I love total girl ,can’t wait to get the next copy -Aoife and Oonagh. - Aoife and Oonagh