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😈 - Emily Shout out to my fave animal Sid also I LOVE ur mags!!!!!!!!! - Grace I love your mags they make me smile. I get one every month and get sooooo excited when I get a new mag - Anastasia Hi there Tg team! My name is Starly I’m from south Australia and my favourite thing to do is go paddle boarding with my sister and my mum,I love your mags they are so cool!i would love it if I could Be in your next magazine!i asked my mum if I could get a magazine from Coles and she said yes and it inspired me to get one,I have two now! From your biggest fan,Starly! - Starly My daughter loves total girl - Yasmenn Hi I love total girl even though I don’t have a subscription.😿 Keep making your awesome mag!! (I will cry if you don’t) - Eva Hey I love ur mags but I can't find out were to get the comp up on the web site guys 😭☹ help me out pls😋 - Shayla Shout out to my friend finn - REMY heyyyyyyyyy can u do a mag with ariana grande lol eeee.eeeee - Eva please I wanna win a prize - Molly

Sneak Peek of TG's POP Issue! | December 2020

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she the best i love her
17/12/2020 4:57:33 AM
Anh N
I love Taylor swift she is the best!:)
5/12/2020 4:22:23 PM
I love Taylor swift she is the best!:)
5/12/2020 4:22:21 PM
Anh N
I love Taylor swift it is the best!
5/12/2020 4:21:56 PM
Loving Taylor Swift as she reinvents her style
3/12/2020 11:55:54 PM
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