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I LOVE SOPHIA CARSON - annabel COOL - annabel For Live who always supports me and keeps my secrets. We have so much fun together 😁❤️- Ally - Ally Hey, this goes out to my friend Izabella from my class 5Z. - Cayley Shout out to my BFF Madison, stay awesome! - Trinity shout out to my bestie i love u so much gurl - Izzy hpoe you got my email TG - Sophie i an going to get the subscrption to your mags for birthday whitch is in noveber the 5th i love the mags soooo much love soph - Sophie Hi girls and boys I give a shout-out to issue 228 the baby sitters club it has so many embarrassing stories - Tianee I love total girl can you make a mag about a series of unfortunate events! - Anastasia

Sneak peek of the October issue | 2020

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