Back To School Essentials

by Alex | Jan 29, 2014
Hey everyone!

Thanks sooo much for all your amazeballs comments on my summer playlist! I LOVED hearing all your suggestions. So look out for another playlist in coming weeks.

So, it's back to school season and I am so sad that I am no longer in school! Sure no-one relishes in getting stacks of science and maths homework but school can actually be pretty cool. The thing I love about this time of year is that (if you're in school) you get to go and buy all your stationery for school and buy a new school bag and pencil case, oh and don't forget a lunchbox!

I love it sooo much that I've considered pretending that I'm a school student just so I can buy some awesome stationery! Crazy huh?! There's sooo much cool stuff out at the momen that I had to compile a small list of my faves. Check them out below! My fave places to shop at are Typo, Smiggle, Kikki-K, Officeworks and a little secret shop called Daiso where everything and I mean everything is $2.80!

Back to school must-haves - stationery, drink bottles and more!

Let me know what your fave places to shop for stationery are, I'd love to find some new shopping places!



  1. 13 Tess 29 Jan
    Smiggle and Kikki-k all the way haha! Daiso sounds amazing though, where did you find Daiso Alex?
  2. 12 TG's Alex 29 Jan
    Hi Tess thanks for your comment! Here is a list of where Daiso stores are located:
    NSW: Chatswood, Merrylands, Haymarket, Blacktown, Parramatta, Glendale and Central Park.
    QLD: Chermside, Brisbane Myer Chermside, Australia Fair
    VIC: Chadstone, Caroline Springs,QV Melbourne, Craigieburn, Airport West and Flinders St
  3. 11 Megan 29 Jan
    Hi Alex, 
    i went to Smiggle today and saw the super-cute jungle animal stapler! I also saw a elephant sticky tape dispenser! Totes adorbs! Thanks
  4. 10 MoxieGirl93 31 Jan
    They're so cute! I used to have the Smiggle Waterbottle but then it got a really big dent and it always fell over so... =P But I got a new designed Waterbottle and it is absolutely the BEST!!

    my favorite place to shop is Smiggle because they have so many fun and quirky designs! I also love how they get new designs all the time! Plus they have the cutest things! 
  5. 9 Veronica 21 Feb
    I love smiggle, typo and daiso. Stuff at daiso is sooo cute! Not only the stationery!
  6. 8 Vanessa 03 Jun
    I LOVE Smiggle and Typo! Alex, where is Kikki-K?
  7. 7 Aaliyah 26 Oct
    Smiggle is my fave shop ever! I went to it today and found they're doing a new yums collection!
  8. 6 Mia 12 Jan
    Typo is the best chuck out the rest
  9. 5 Amelia 29 Jan
    I absouloutly LOVE typo and kikik!!
  10. 4 Amelia 30 Jan
    I absouloutly LOVE typo and kikik!!
  11. 3 Amelia 30 Jan
    I absouloutly LOVE typo and kikik!!
  12. 2 kiara 13 Jan
    i really  love smiggle it is the best shop ever i recommend it to anyone
  13. 1 kiara 13 Jan
    i love smiggle  and typo and kiki i just love it


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