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It's Teen Beach Time!

It's Teen Beach Time!

TG's Laura interviews Giggles from Teen Beach Movie!
We asked Mollee Gray (who plays Giggles in Teen Beach Movie), “What are ten things you need for the best beach party ever?”

Giggles - Mollee Gray

Image Credit:

Photographer: Danny Hernandez

Hair & Make-up: Allison Noelle

Stylist: Alonzo Johnson Jr.

Can't have a party without your fave people, the more the merrier!

2. Bring some tunes to the beach to keep the party going all day long!

3. Whether you bring a cooler with ice, and pack lunch meats to make sandwiches, or just a bag full of snacks, you want to keep your energy up.

4. Bring swimmers!

5. You will want to remember this day forever, so don’t forget a camera.

6. There is nothing worse than getting sun burnt, so always remember to slip, slop, slap!

7. From all the dancing and games you're playing, be sure to take a minute every now and then to gulp down some H20!

8. Bring some beach balls, frisbees, and stuff to build sand castles.

9. Bring a chair so you don't have to get your body completely sandy, by lying on the sand!

10. Instead of staying in your wet swimsuit, bring a change of clothes incase it gets chilly!

Have you seen Teen Beach Movie 2 TGs? You can watch the trailer right here!


Yay teen beach
3/9/2021 12:28:13 PM
is there going to be a teen beach 3
17/1/2016 12:03:36 AM
I love love Giggles.
5/8/2015 9:51:02 AM
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